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Thread: Whats with the flipping tanks?

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    I was playing a CTI earlier and I purchased a few M1A1s from the base and told it to move up to the front lines.

    Most of them made the trip no problem but some of them seemed to not want to move at all when looking at them on the map.

    So I decided to see why they weren't moving...turns out they just randomly flipped over unto their turrets for no apparent reason.

    No rocks in site or anything I don't understand.

    Does anyone know why they flip over?

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    If you bought more than one it's quite possible they rammed themself upside down.

    Image a flipper ball between two bumpers. Then you have an idea what it is like for any vehicle between two tanks in the ArmA engine.
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    I've had this before, just by myself. Screaming down a clear road, then just about to go over a bridge, tank flips up onto it's top.

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    Top secret 'spring mines', scattered around the island.

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    I knew these are triggered by motorbikes, but that they also throw around tanks is new to me.

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    It happens often, when i use ai operated M163 Vulcan in Evolution SP.
    With an M1A1 i can flip them over again, not that i`m happy with that situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by (Yahiko @ July 29 2007,21:32)
    Top secret 'spring mines', scattered around the island.

    Quite clever those SLA..

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