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Thread: Birds & stuff

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    We will not see that for a long time.. i can just see it. ***

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Wildlife (animals having their own lifecycle, imagine seeing 4 birds getting scared in a bush 100 metres away from you - what scared them?) - Confirmed!

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    Yeah I know, I was just thinking the same thing.

    But bloody good idea! I bet if there was wildlife half the time peeps would have try very hard to contain themselves NOT to shoot cows and other random animals in the area on the way to battle...

    A real test of how many noobs you have on your see an animal and not to shoot it giving your whole squads pos away.

    Quote Originally Posted by (MeNeZ @ July 27 2007,16:31)
    I remember reading an article from an army sniper in Iraq who currently has the most confirmed kills. One of them was from a flock of birds quickly taking flight [...]
    Birds have been tipping off enemy positions since ancient
    times. Roman historian Livy writes of the Gaulish attack on
    Rome in 390 BCE:

    "So silent had their movements been that not only were
    they unnoticed by the sentinels, but they did not even wake
    the dogs, an animal peculiarly sensitive to nocturnal sounds.
    But they did not escape the notice of the geese...[who made
    such a bloody row that they alerted the Roman guards who
    then proceeded to give Asterix and his pals a right old Roman

    I do recall seeing a promise that that sort of feature would
    be included - maybe in "Game 2" (if that ever comes out)?

    I know what the author is talking about. My sister had a gaggle on her farm. Sheesh those birds were rude. Made a hell of a noise and ran after you biting with their evil little beaks.

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    Can you use the model of the seagull as a regular unit?
    Place it on the editor, script, trigger, animate, etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by (arigram @ July 29 2007,00:30)
    Can you use the model of the seagull as a regular unit?
    Place it on the editor, script, trigger, animate, etc?
    Yeah, was thinking the same thing. Some combination of a bird model, triggers, detecting whether unit in the trigger is prone or standing and running, createUnit birds from the nearest bush..

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