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Thread: Player looking for Squad/Clan

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    Are there any English speaking Russian/Soviet clans?

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    I am looking for a Clan/Squad to play MP matches.

    I never played ArmA.1, but I played A2 and OA since the release so I know what am I doing.

    Name: Robert
    Age: 27

    Any other details we can discuss in private if you are interested.

    I mostly play advance forces but of course I can adapt if necessary.
    Also, I am 8/10 Chopper pilot and a really good Tank/LAV and similar driver or gunner.

    I can take orders no problem. After all, that was my past. I served in the army special forces. It was logistics but still

    I don't intend to write a wall of text here. If anyone is interested and needs to fill a spot, I can assure you that I won't fail.

    Thank you.

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    looking for tactical realism

    I am also looking for a squad or clan to join. I am new to OA but a veteran of arma 2 i am looking for tactical realism and a good community of friends.

    i am 28 years old and hope to hear from you. please let me know if you have to offer what i am looking for.

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    Hi guys,

    I am looking to join a group...I am new to CO. You wont be disappointed.

    Message me.



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    looking to join a group. I am new to ArmaII. Just recently bought the game actually. It's amazing how realistic this game is compared to other FPS I have played.

    Information about myself
    Name: Justin
    Age: 16
    Location: CA, USA
    Languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese and proficient in aviation terminology. (ICAO level 5)

    I'm good with taking orders and I am responsible. Currently in CAP.

    I have a steam account.
    Steam: Aeronx

    PM me.

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    Staff Sergeant
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    Oct 13 2009
    Oregon, United States
    Hey everyone, this is not Combined Operations of ArmA2, This is Combat Operations which is ArmA 1.
    Executive Director / Chairman
    Military Gaming Organization
    Ph: (800) 601-2798 - Fax: (800) 601-2948

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    Hi im sander, im 14 yrs old from norway. i speak english and norwagian. im a arma 2 vet, and i have a solid rig. i like playing Ace and i dont mind using acre. iwe been in the ROTC project with the 7thcav and i have alot of friends there.

    If the clan is traning im awalable sat-sun.

    i dont want PM from small clans (6 and below)

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    Pilot / grunt

    Looking for a active clan that does regular training/mission nights. I am a pretty experienced player and im good in jets and helicopters (pilot). However i am also a good sniper and normal infuntry (no spell checker) grunt .

    ---------- Post added at 02:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:46 AM ----------

    Btw arma's ma game

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    Looking for squad

    Seanyscott, still looking for a squad to join?

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    Post Looking for a clan to join


    I'm to join a clan or community that play with ARMA 1. I have played all previous verisons up to Arma 1, so I feel proficient in what I will be doing. Can't play ARMA 2, as my computer can't handle it well.

    Name: Paul
    Age: 30
    Location: Wales, UK
    Microphone: Yes, but it is on it's way out, so will be getting new one!
    Playtimes: Weekday evenings, except wednesday for the next few weeks. Weekends at most times.

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone who would want me!

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