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Thread: How to flush the VRAM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]5156 - New: Cheat Shift+Minus FLUSH to allow to manually flushing all VRAM allocations to restore performance if needed.
    How does this work? I tried holding shift while pressing the minus key, but nothing happens. What do the mean with that thing?

    What do the mean by "cheat" and how do I do this?

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    Hold LEFT SHIFT, then press the MINUS key on your numpad (the one usually on the far right, release the LEFT SHIFT, then type in FLUSH. You should get a confirmation "FLUSH Activated" or something like that on top of your screen so you know it worked.

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    I think you have to type the word FLUSH while holding SHIFT + Minus.
    edit : Sniperwolf beats me

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    No, you do not have to hold shift + minus and type flush. Tap the following keys in the following sequence. The plus sign denotes simultaneous keypresses and the commas denote serial keypresses... like one after another. The period signifies the end of the sequence.

    shift + minus (numpad), f, l, u, s, h.

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    same with save game and end game cheat

    (or get more fun using god mode in 1.00)
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    Grrrr! BIS i do not have nimble enough fingers to hold down minus + shift + f + l + u + s + h.


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    Quote Originally Posted by (twisted @ May 17 2007,08:02)
    Grrrr! BIS i do not have nimble enough fingers to hold down minus + shift + f + l + u + s + h.

    No. That's totally wrong.

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    Press Shift+numpad -, then let go and type the word 'FLUSH'.

    Amazing how many post it takes to explain this

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    Quote Originally Posted by (twisted @ May 17 2007,09:00)
    wtf does lol mean?
    I don't care if you were joking or not. I want this thread to be clear to the person I'm trying to help.

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