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Thread: Soviet-afghan war mod?

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    is there a soviet afghan war mod?.

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    No there isn't.

    Some seperate addons exist that could resemble that era, but nothing in the form of a mod with included campaign(s) and/or missions.
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    Umm if i remember right theres the FFUR 1985 Desert pack which has some USSR troops with desert uniforms and some of the vehicles has desert camo too if i remember right.

    These soldiers are much like those who fought in Afghanistan 1979-1989.

    The link for FFUR 1985 desert pack.

    Now all ye need is some afgan mujahideen or taliban style fighters and an Afghanistan island.

    Cat's afghanistan modified by ag_smith

    Now when it comes to the fighters theres several packs u can use but i found this one really good: Remo's Afghan Everon 2.0 and Taliban unit pack 2.0

    Now there's no official mujahideen fighters made yet, but theres lot of arabian insurgent packs out there so use yer eyes.

    Anyways thats all i have to say.. good gaming.

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    thanks guys, that afghan island, and the taliban and soviet units look great!

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