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Thread: Average age of the "Flashpointer"

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    I'm 18, 19 in August the 4th.

    I played OFP since the version 1.00... absolutely amazing! ***
    I've the demo in the DVD Amburger Hill

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    Mar 10 2006
    Soon 23..playing OFP since June 2001
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    My blood got poisoned by GOTY in 2002. Still hooked badly by this dreadful disease...

    I take my regular little Flashbacks still weekly.

    Lapland war 1944 - 1945 project leader

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    Mar 16 2003
    The East coast (The right coast), USA
    I fall into the 30-39 category. ***I have been playing since I was first introduced to the demo in July of 2001. ***However, I only play about once a week since receiving my copy of ArmA in February.
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    I am to be fourteen verrrry soon. So I have fallen under 14-19 range.

    Plus, for excuse, people think i look 14 anyways
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    Hmm I started playing OFP when I was 11 years old, now I'm 16.

    Damn I was young, but hey I least I didn't get hooked on CS like most other kids my age when OFP came out.

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    Sine 17 or 16, I don't remember, But its was in 2003.
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    Thumbs up

    22 going on 23 in june
    Played OFP since 2001 Demo
    \"Armed Assault Coop Rig\"
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    Feb 19 2006
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    Well I guess I'm the senior spokesman, am 50 now. I started back in 2001-ish with the demo and was very impressed so I bought CWC. As addons evolved I wanted to keep up so I HAD to get Resistance. Still playing today and with all the missions I've d/l'd I should have endless hours of playing left to do.
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    Ah yes! It makes my heart feel good when elderly folk indulge themselves in video games.

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