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Thread: Game crashes immediately when joining MP game :(

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    Hey guys, having a major problem here. I downloaded the sprocket version of Arma yesterday, got my key, installed no problem. I look and see it's already version 1.05, so I don't have to patch, yay. I boot up the game, play some single player no problem. I then decide to try to join a MP game. Immediately after clicking join my game crashes to desktop. Thought this was a fluke but it's happened every time now. I've reinstalled twice and no joy. Anyone know what might be the problem?

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    Anyone have any ideas?

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    firewall, router or possibly even virus proggy could be stopping you

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    I've got no firewall or anti-virus up, and I'm not connected to a router. Still no dice. Grr, this is very frustrating.

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    i suggest try clean MPmission cache directory
    (do backup to avoid need of redownload all)

    C:&#92;Documents and Settings&#92;<<YourAccountName>>&#92;Local Settings&#92;Application Data&#92;ArmA&#92;MPMissionsCache&#92;*.pbo

    sometimes way too long mission name or special chars lead to crash

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    Hrmm, odd. I go to C:&#92;Documents and Settings&#92;<<YourAccountName>> and there is no local settings folder. Any ideas? Sorry, I&#39;m not very computer literate :P

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I don&#39;t literally type in "YourAccountName", just want to make that clear :P

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    Ignore that, I just ended up typing it into internet explorer and found it. Gonna give it a shot.

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    No mate your name you have in there&#33;

    eg:- C:&#92;Documents and Settings&#92;ninjazombie&#92;Local Settings&#92;Application Data&#92;ArmA&#92;MPMissionsCache

    edit:- lol sorry i was too late&#33;

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    Tried it, and no changes. Immediate crashes

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    im also recieving the same problem. At first i thought it was due to the server being the beta patch but have tried normal version 1.05 and beta with the same result. Any ideas chaps or is it gamespy messing around again?
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