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Thread: RHS Hind v1.0 for ArmA

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    Release frontpaged at the Armaholic homepage.

    RHS Hind fix

    RHS Hind

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    Thanks. Hopefully we will see the rest of it too.

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    I will dig out the mlods and sent them to ModEmMike.

    Maybe the Mercenary Variant we have halfdone will also make it in, this one had bit different cargo doors with two PKs mounted in the windows.
    Reminded me of a docu about some Mercs in Sierra Leona that fired their SAWs or whatever it was from their Hinds cargo windows while flying over enemy positions.

    Oh and in case the person reads this thread, i received a "PM" asking about our old OFP Spetsnaz:
    I dunno what kind of message it was but it doesnt show anymore in my PMs folder, so i read it yesterday but had no time to reply and today i cant find it in my PM folder ( most likely because it wasnt a PM but another way to contact someone that the new forums software offers ).

    So in any case, contact me again please and if possible this time via the PM fuction.

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    shadow nx, just press 1st mouse button on your nickname -> view public profile and you'll see that message
    can't wait for more updates of these lovely hinds

    btw, if i'm not mistaken these krocodiles have cockpit(pilot and gunner) glass bugs, in bigger distances they become red.
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    The canon pods are just firing rockets now! Scary no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfbite View Post
    The canon pods are just firing rockets now! Scary no?
    I don't have that issue at all.

    Very nice to see an update for this. There's one issue that's been there for a while that I would love to be fixed, however. The HUD in the Hind is not aligned with the actual target reticule of ArmA. Where you aim with the Hind's HUD is not where you will actually hit. You hit to the left of it.

    Here's a screenshot to show you what I mean:

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    Tanks for the info, but:

    ...This is a config-only fix.
    Such an issue needs to be fixed in the model (pilot's position)... But usually the view of a person seems to be aligned with the left eye, causing this issue. So I am not sure weather thix is fixable without causing another issue..

    But we will see

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfbite View Post
    The canon pods are just firing rockets now! Scary no?
    I think you are talking about the Mi 24V CAS pods. Well they fired FFAR before and I intended to fix the issues only, not to include new features...

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    Is it possible to make the pilot control the rocket pods while the gunner controls the YakB? (Without using manual fire.)
    And, if possible, when using manual fire, give the pilot the ability to actually aim the YakB?

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