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Thread: -{GOL}- Clan Now recruiting

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    Well everyone this will probably be GOLs last Armed Assault Post before we move on over into Arma II. Id like to thank everyone on the BIS forums and all our members wish everyone the best of luck!

    Got some news!!

    The 19th clan broke down few days ago and most of their members joined into our clan boosting our numbers higher than ever and with more set to come in its looking good already!

    But we got some bad news is we received this E-mail from killer creation (server host), we will be expecting a full days down time on the 20th June!

    This meaning we are likely to be down for the full day, knowing this to be a very annoying time considering the 505 version of ArmA2 is being released on the 19th, once its all up however we will work at rocket speed to get everything online.

    Peace out arma community and on behalf of GOL Clan Its been a pleasure playing with you!
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    The GOL Clan System has now been shutdown for 24/hours when we come back online we will be with Arma II !!! Thank you all

    If you need any info about TS we are currently residing on AIM Clan Teamspeak!

    Thanks AIM!

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