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Thread: Phisics bug

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    Sometimes game physics does really odd things:

    - Simulation just won't end - something is caught in a loop and just keeps on bouncing and bouncing and bouncing...

    - M113 got tossed about 50 meters into air after colliding with Abrams tank. It landed intact and the passengers exited the vehicle normally - as if nothing had happened! Poor M113 ended up upside down, but intact.

    - People get tossed high into air too from time to time.

    I have no idea what causes this. It just happens occasionally.

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    hey meister ... wer lesen kann ist klar in vorteil...

    erst dort suchen.. bevor du anfaengst ...


    Sorry, for the fallback to the mother tounge.

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    I'm moving this to Troubleshooting, even if it is some days old...

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