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Thread: Hardware and settings for ArmA

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    Quote Originally Posted by (FlyFisher @ Feb. 24 2007,22:29)
    Terrain: Very Low Antialiasing: Disabled
    Those settings may give a huge performance boost but also make the ground textures turn butt-ugly and spotting/aiming targets at distance will become much harder w/o anti aliasing ..
    just my 2 euro cents

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    AMD XP 3000+ ~2.16Ghz
    7800GS AGP 256MB

    Terrain: Normal
    Objects: Normal
    Textures: Low ( Any higher FPS goes to shit)
    Shading: Normal
    Postprocess: Low

    AF: 16x
    Shadows: High
    AA: Disabled
    Blood: High

    Well my FPS is barely "playable" but I want to have my textures on normal without the huge FPS drop. Any suggestions on what to lower etc...?

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    Basically its the video card - it has a hard time working with textures. 7800GS can fill the scene with up to (roughly) 3 GPix/sec. For example, 6800GT does it up to 6.5, X850XT - 8.3.

    I would recommend turning off AF. And shadows - to "low".
    ...and all other settings too Framerate is life! ©

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    You have Shadows: High, altering this setting should result in better performance. Detailed shadows take up a lot of processing power.



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    Yes i agree Shadows need to be set to Low if not off completely, TBH shadows look nice but you can get by without them. Also AF 16x m8 that needs to come way down. Hope this helps

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    Yo all,
    Just curious. I asked about the 7900 GS earlier and had great responses w/ it. W/ DX10 around the corner, and me not being able to afford an 8xxx series at the moment, does anyone here have or know if a 7600 GT would run ArmA on normal to medium settings?
    What kind of frames to expect?
    THanks in advance!!
    AMD x2 4200
    1GB DDR2 800
    ASUS SLI mobo w/ Nforce 4

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    i think you might need a better video card.

    i have a x1950 pro 512mb ddr3 AGP

    and i know i want more :P

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    Alright I can live with shadows on Low, but the 16x AF makes the textures look a whole lot better. I don't know if I could live w/o it

    I'll see wut I can do thanks

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    I merged the 7600 topic with this one. I have a 7600GT and I run on medium settings and ArmA runs fairly decent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]or know if a 7600 GT would run ArmA on normal to medium settings
    Leadtek WinFast A7600 GT with a 2.8 Athlon XP and 1 Gig Ram
    Settings in Arma:
    Object details: High
    Texture details: High
    Landscape details: High
    Postprocessing: Disabled
    Viewdistance: 1200m
    AA: Normal
    AniFiltering: None
    Shadows: Disabled (hope the 1.05 patch will make Arma run more fluent, so I can enable them)

    I´m more than happy with the performance. Frame rates are good, expect a drop at foliage though as with all gfx cards apparently.

    Sidenote: The default Ram clock was at 700 Mhz. i clocked it to 750 today with no sideeffects and the game "seems" to make benefit of it. It appears to run more fluent when loading textures.

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