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Thread: 169 Cavalry

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    Originally "co 16 Air_Cavalry1". Ive messed around with it to make what I think is a fun Challenging mission for 1 to 24 players.

    Version 1.02
    Download here.

    *Respawning Vehicles and Choppers. (Beware of AA Soldiers)
    *Custom Loadouts already created
    *Urban patrols
    *Resource Friendly

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    After the last advice I gave you, you may want to ignore this but if you are interested there is a script available that allows the players to respawn with either the weapons they were carrying when they started the mission or what they were carrying when they died.

    Its called "Respawn with Weapons" by a guy called Toadlife and its available from the list here: http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/scripts.php

    Its for OFP but I'm pretty sure I've had it running in ArmA as well.

    EDIT: I've just remebered this OFP script uses the "call format" command the syntax of which has changed in ArmA so if you want to use this script you'll need to convert the lines that use these keywords to the ArmA format which you can find here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/call_code.

    For instance: _unit = call format["%1",_name] needs to be changed to: _unit = call compile format ["%1",_name]

    Also the OFP weapon names need to be changed in the #selectrifle subroutine as these are different in ArmA.

    Maybe its best to see if I can get it running OK later and I can PM you the revised script. ***

    There is also a script "Code_WeaponONSpawn.Intro.zip", which was written for ArmA, floating around the editing section of the BI forums that allows you to give a fixed weapon loadout for respawning players that may do the trick.


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    That would be great. thanks norrin.

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    It's a different mission, as Air Cavalry by Sgt. Ace doesn't feature vehicle respawn and that's a good thing. It makes things a lot tenser, gives a better atmosphere.

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    Each to their own. We had fun tonight on it.

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