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Thread: ArmA Addon request thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cazzah View Post
    Antonov An-225

    or something big that can cary lots of cars, tanks, ect.... (B-52 Bomber)

    Also a B-2 Stealth would be kicking

    but then again im probs asking to much,
    Oh well, Dosnt Cost anything to ask
    Talk to Mukcep for a conversion of the AN-124, In ArmAholic.

    AN-225 Download Link
    Try looking through Armaholic if you haven't they have many things that you might need in the planes section.

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    How about a reskinned camo of the ACU soldiers on the Czech side in OA, Like a US Woodland color camouflage and perhaps a black tactical vest and woodland helmet. If not I can do it myself but I need help because I don't know what program to use for reskinning and how I can do it. Thank you -shadow.

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    what about mods about first of second Chechen war?

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    Only mods for Chechen war is here:
    WarMod Series - A Massive Addon & Mod Customizable Compilation mod for Arma1, Arma2,CO & soon Arma3 IFA3
    Mission Repository - Hosting Missions & Files for Iron Front: Liberation 1944
    WW2Epic - A Compilation Archive of Photos, Music, Videos, & References of WW2
    AI Compilation List of Addons/Mods/Scripts & Misc for Arma3

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    I am looking for all the addons,islands and missions for IC ArmA. I find an island once in awhile but I am looking to complete the full collection of items.And since I am not sure what all was made for IC ArmA I don't have a list to search from. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I would go to, create an account, and PM Mojo on those boards. Might be able and willing(that's the hard part with that lad) to help


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    Self confessed Arma newbie here: I just got Arma yesterday after spending quite a bit of time on OFP.

    Is there a dominant artillery addon? Something along the lines of what COC Unified Artillery was for OFP...

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    well that was a waste of time....

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    Hey guys. After playing vanilla ArmA I and II for a long time now, I'm wondering if it's time for add-ons to refine and expand on the experience. The problem is, considering there's three major releases here (ArmA, ArmA II, and OA) I have no idea what mods I should be going for. I guess I'd like ones that directly add to the core of the experience. From my understanding, the ACE mods are just that, but do I need anything else? Does that change the mechanics for radios, or sounds or what have you?

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    Question Can't find tactical body movements mod - please help...!

    Real life's been keeping me away for a VERY long time from Arma II CO.

    At one point, I had to do an emergency uninstallation of large files, and so Arma II sadly went.

    I want to play again, but I am missing a mod that I dearly loved, and I hope that someone out there could help me find it. I have searched high and low for it, with no success.

    Here's what it did:

    It allowed the player to skid into a low crouch position.

    It permitted tactical shooting without direct observation of the target (i.e. "blind firing").

    One could lay on one's side and fire.

    One could also climb over walls 2.25 m. tall.

    And more...

    If you have a pretty good idea of which mod I'm describing here, please supply a link to a working download below.

    Thank you in advance!

    June 15, 2012
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    ~From Antony Sutton's magnum opus Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

    Considering how inferior American made tanks were compared to German ones, why didn't GM or Ford use their designs for their German tanks as a basis for America's military might? How many more lives could've been saved from needless slaughter had they done so?

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    Do you mean the SMK Animations by any chance?

    BTW you posted in the Arma mod request not the Arma II one.

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