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Thread: ArmA Custom Faces For Free

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    Chief Warrant Officer wipman's Avatar
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    Aug 16 2003
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    Hi, i know that about the gloves, Major; but if my own custom face
    have it... the others custom faces will have it too. That's something
    that i don't gonna correct until the proper 3D tools be released.
    Is this what you was asking for?:

    The Face:

    In Game:

    I hope that it be, look at the face name and you'll know why; but
    i hope that you like it, anyways. Let's C ya

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    Where do you get a face template at?
    Fission Mailed!

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    Regards HH
    "There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: "Not today".

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    Aug 16 2003
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    Hi, i took the "templates" in the Characters.pbo of the game, i just
    extracted the ArmA faces .paa files using the winPbo, the only OFP
    tool that half works with the ArmA files that i keep from my thief
    days in the OFP. The winPbo 1.1 by ORCS or by some other real
    addon makers team. And by the way... another damn custom face
    for the LSD lovers out there.

    A new Face:

    Let's C ya

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    keep em comin wipman! (note, i spelt your name correctly this time )
    Also, how do u get all the textures to line up correctly (like on the nose for example) do you have a template that you use or sumthing?
    Also, is there a way to get it so your AI can wear custom faces in MP and SP matches?
    Also, could u possibly do sum of them balaclavas in a few darker colours? perhaps black or dark blue? im trying to work out what will look best on me clan membas

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    Aug 16 2003
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    Hi, i begin with a base, then i select the nose edge (nose on the
    right of the texture) i move the selection over the nose (in the center
    of the face) and resize it to match the scale, then i cut that area,
    i move it to over the nose (at the right) and then i align it and
    i resize it to match the size of it. I've some opened .paa's converted
    into .tga to work with 'em. As im unable of use the custom class
    name that i want, into a config; i didn't any faces pack, but you
    could use your own custom face in the AI's by writing this in they're
    Init Box: "this setface "custom";". For use other faces... i guess
    that if you copy the face texture that you want, with any name,
    into the mission folder and you recall it using the same method,
    it may work.
    I could do some more black or dark blue (damn cop "style") pasamontañas
    i guess; but let me rest. I still have to do a good number of N2003
    paintjobs. And when didn't ya said right my name...!? i should read
    better... damn dislexia...!! but hey... i could be pressident in the
    EEUU, with dislexia, beeing alcoholic... and a coke addict. "God
    bless the land of the freedom". Let's C ya

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    lol ok m8, ty for all the work you've done fer me

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    Quote Originally Posted by (wipman @ Feb. 10 2007,04:39)
    Hi, i've made another camoed face, i made it with metalic eyes, i think that may be pimp... and once in game, it don't looks so bad i think; judge for yourself.

    In Game:

    Let's C ya
    Could I get this without the metallic eyes?

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    Could someone please post some plain faces here so we (I) can have something to work from? I appreciate it. Also, if someone could try to put these gloves on a skin, that would be awesome. These are a couple of kinds of gloves I seen special forces and other soldiers in Iraq wearing.


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