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Thread: Embedded Reporter (Request)

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    Hello all,

    I'm looking for an embedded reporter to use in a NATO GC mission, currently I've got it set to an independant with no weapons.. but it just doesn't look the part, if you know what I mean.

    So, if anyone is interested in making a new type of model (well, a reskin) I'd be very appreciative if you could knock up a quick reporter looking model for use in game!

    Hutson [16AA]

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    is there away to add the reporters that are seen in the cutsceens into the editor. im sure i seen a image of a feild reporter. if so just tag him/her to that group.

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    I can't find that model in the lists, anyone know where it is located in the editor?

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    if you install 6thSense Editor upgrade, field reporter, and cameraman are both chooseable in editor...as far as camera for cameraman, havent figured it out...

    You can find it @ ArmedAssault.info

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Hutson[16AA
    @ Jan. 03 2007,02:07)]I can't find that model in the lists, anyone know where it is located in the editor?
    model civil_pressmanik.p3d

    class name FieldReporter

    Hope it helps
    2001-now.. ive seen it all :P

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    Thanks for the replies chaps.

    DJFrogstar, any idea when they'll be done?

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    Is the last screenshot made from BF2 editor?
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    did this topic die? or people still working on the reporter stuff to use in game

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    Have you checked when the last reply in this thread was?

    Jan 2007, that's almost 5 years ago!

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