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Thread: Private Military Contractors?

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    just an idea,

    has anyone considered making some skins of private military contractors, such as Paul Bremers security detail, Blackwater contractors, DynCorp, AEGIS, Erinys and others as i think they would be a very interesting addition to the already fantastic skins in ArmA already.

    If people are planning on making an iraq mod for ArmA then Private Military Contractors are essential.

    just wondering what you guys think

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    It would be pretty much impossible until modding tools are released, wouldn't it?

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    Check the Addons & Mods: Discussion board.

    There are several re-skins for PMC's already available/in progress.
    There are also several PMC projects in planning/prep
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    thanks DeadMeat

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    peanut is working on some as is the UC team which im part of
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    I've got the PMCs of Sgt. Eversmann whos currently working on them. They haven't been released up to now but they're great ones... So there are already some in work

    Pictures by BIS.4Players

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    Too bad none of the (many) WIP contractors look like the real thing.

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    Marcus, those skins look pretty good, but are there any that dont look like fisherman? , only kidding mate, but seriously, id like to see some Blackwater contractors, with 5.11 pants and Eagle plate carriers and the like

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Ironsight @ Dec. 24 2006,23:17)
    Too bad none of the (many) WIP contractors look like the real thing.
    The real thing?

    They pretty much look like the real thing imo. Obviously there is no official uniform so how can PMCs from different organizations look like the real thing.
    I think its great there will be a variety which makes them the real thing. The stereotypical PMC has some body armor and some tattoos and some fancy sunglasses.
    What we need is BA barracus and the Ateam with their black van. Then you got he REAL deal

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