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Thread: RKSL Studios

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    Quote Originally Posted by (dkraver @ June 04 2008,10:06)
    Quote Originally Posted by (RockofSL @ May 11 2008,23:18)
    I'm trying to get the UK JHC (Joint Helicopter Command) Fleet finished.
    How many of the uk choppers that are on the list on your web will be in this fleet?? Was just wondering since you say you are finishing it. And because there havent been pictures/videos of all.
    Or is it a secret

    The list.
    Merlin HC3
    - Merlin HC3A *** ***
    - Merlin HM1 *** *** ***
    Puma HC2 ***
    Chinook HC2
    - Chinook HC3
    Seaking HC4
    - Seaking HAS.6 ***
    - Seaking HAR.3 (SAR) *** ***
    - Seaking ASaC.7 *** *** ***
    Lynx AH7 *** *** ***
    - Lynx HMA8 *** *** ***
    - Future Lynx *** *** ***
    WAH-64D Apache
    The JHC is made up of:

    Merlin HC3
    Merlin HC3A
    Puma HC1
    Chinook HC2
    Chinook HC3
    Seaking HC4
    Lynx AH7
    Lynx AH9
    WAH-1 Apache

    The rest is is Royal Navy specific or another specialied role that doesnt fall in the JHC remit. And there is no need to get sarcastic... "Is it secret" c'mon atleast be civil.

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    Looks good. Almost the complete list
    Sorry if you saw it as sarcastic or rude. Wasnt meant to be. As i said there havent been videos of all so could be that you would release in stages or that there would be a release of the ones shown in videos with thet others as a release bonus.

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    Just an up to show that this baby is finally rolling out:

    more pics here

    I am sure Rock's virtual version will look just as good if not better (they grey color used on the first model is weird: the pictures look kinda doctored for some reason... I hope each countries will use specific camo and not that weird ooking grey).

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    Well...I know for sure we will need LARGER airforce bases.
    This puny one on Saharani is not neerly standard size...
    If there is such a thing as standard size...

    And if we get bigger bases, we need BIGGER MAPS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]And if we get bigger bases, we need BIGGER MAPS
    Well we have the map, this 1600Km2 mofo is on its way,

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    How much was Saharani?

    Any images on the Airport/Base??

    Pretty Please...

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    You don't want to know.

    Impossible I say!!

    No way can you have a 1600km2 map! ***

    /sarcasm off

    I have just come across this thread and everything in it looks awesome. ***Fantastic. ***

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    Guys, go an get your own thread. Stop hijacking ours!

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    Did you ever write a tut on how to edit aircraft flight charachteristics? Ive been messing around witht he speds and values in the envelope and i cannot get it right. was wondering if you figured out wich value meant what.

    If so could you please provide a link?


    Dco 1-502INF 101st Airborne (RET)

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    Closed by request.

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