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Thread: RKSL Studios

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    RKSL Studios ArmA Projects

    Just as was said in the OFP forums some months ago we are going to port our existing OFP projects into ArmA. ***The focus; in conjunction with the UKF Team, on British Expeditionary Forces, added to that we’re going to create a few more surprises to tag onto the project list.

    ArmA's new graphics and scripting engine has given us some interesting possibilities. So we have decided to make some ambitious plans. ***We plan to simulate the British Expeditionary Forces and the supporting systems either currently in service or due in service by 2012-17. ***Inline with the way the modern battlefield has evolved we plan to make a series of addons that simulate the integrated battlefield control systems of the 21st century.


    The plan is to release a series of addons in 2 phases, focusing on several script systems that should add to the functionality and the game play. ***Then to provide addons to demonstrate them:

    <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>PHASE 1 – Addon Releases</span>
    These will be stand alone addons with the supporting scripted systems such as:

    FCSS – Fire Control Script System
    --- e.g.: ***Rapier FSB, Rapier FSB, SA-2 etc
    “Improved” Cargo System
    --- e.g.: C-130 (UK Versions), IL-76
    VTOL - Realistic VTOL system for Harriers and JCA
    --- e.g.: GR7/9, F-35B/JCA


    UK C-130 - (CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGE) - This is a composite model combining features from C1 and C4 types prior to splitting off

    <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>PHASE 2 – Integrating Systems </span>
    This phase will take the form of an update patch or a new addon pack; we’re not sure exactly what will be required; allowing the addons to interact with each other. These will provide the basis of the modern integrated information systems to accurately simulate the modern battlefield as seen from the perspective of a UK armed forces member.

    We are looking in to ways to simulate the sort of communication a pilot/soldier/gunner would expect to get. This means systems and scenarios such as:

    <ul>AWACS – Warning of incoming aircraft and dynamic requests for CAS, Medivac and extraction.
    ASTOR – Airborne Stand Off Radar – Real time battlefield Intel provided to the appropriately equipped personnel and vehicles.
    JTIDS – Joint Tactical Information Distribution (Designation) System – Target Sharing and situational displays.
    Fire Control (FCSS) on air defence systems – AI ability to engage multiple targets at once and assign assets to threats.
    UAV/UCAV tasking – requesting UAV intel/cover and being able to direct it via radio.[/list]
    We wont be posting a comprehensive list of all our addon plans but most is already out there for those who to search to find&#33;


    Rockape on behalf of the RKSL Team.

    NOTE 1: ***PLEASE keep any discussion to RKSL projects, if you want to discuss anyone else&#39;s equivalent projects do it in thier threads. ***Thanks.

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    Sounds excellent&#33;
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    Looks Awesome.

    MattXR ( MxR )

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    I wish you some luck with ArmA. I hope you can keep the quality you had in OFP

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    Good work, looks really good&#33;

    A nice christmasgift to&#33;

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    Really good news &#33;


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    I cannot wait for arma to be released first. But second will be these projects. Ive allready mentioned how nice they are very often. And the C-130 looks great.

    hm gotta buy new graphics card, new monitor, IR tracker, new joystick... OMG&#33;

    I am going to need all these things to play arma. If its possible ive got to have it&#33; >> thinks about flying harrier&#39;s at tree level.

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    Will you be releasing any more projects for FP or is it all ArmA from now on?

    Was looking forward to Harrier for FP.
    No more rotating signature images for you!!!

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    How the hell is that harrier flying, there&#39;s no pilot?
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    Quote Originally Posted by (somebloke @ Dec. 24 2006,18:03)
    How the hell is that harrier flying, there&#39;s no pilot?
    Yes there is. He&#39;s called Autopilot.

    RKSL probably just hasn&#39;t had time to fix the pilot proxy yet.

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