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Thread: ArmA CTI mode

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    I have a question regarding CTI in ArmA. I was under the impression that the CTI mode in ArmA was people vs people. It didn't have AI involved or wasn't coop against AI.

    I was checking out the CTI map and hopped into a chopper to bop around and look things over. When I came back to the base, I got out and was promply riddled by machinegun fire and was dead. I then noticed that ther were alot of enemy side bots in my base.

    I must have misunderstood. Is there a description of the ArmA CTI mode anywhere in english? I have the german version but I havn't translated the whole .pdf file that the docs are in.

    Perhaps one of the CTI players could give me the cliff notes version of there understanding of ArmA CTI?

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    CTI is basically suppose to be PVP with the control of some AI at the players disposal. The CTI that BIS put out with the game is only a glimps of what people are trying to incorperate into the game.

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    Thanks for the reply

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