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Thread: Final Countdown

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    Sheesh. This mission is so imperfect it's almost funny in some parts.

    Started the mission in the stryker as usual, it veered off the road at some stage (~250m away from target destination) and went over to a small house in the middle of a field. All disembarked, etc. bla bla. There was a BMP-2 sitting in the middle of a field further up. Having killed the 2 soldiers outside of it (And had not got in it for some reason), I climbed in, got an AI to drive and just gunned my way over to the camp. It was sort of OK up to there.

    Killed the RACS troops with ease, went over to the camp. It seemed like I was given a choice, but it copped out at the last moment and skipped to the next mission. I did all that stuff. As soon as the player swap became available I chose to pilot a cobra. (There are 4-5) Flew over. Had to retry like 15 times because I kept on getting shot through the trees by the Shilkas (Damn them to hell)... Took them out, then exhausted the rest of my hellfires on the T-72s. Then took another cobra. Did the same. There was a checkpoint saying 'check camp' so I looked at the directions and there was nothing there, just a field. Great. I did more camp-checking, all of which was to no avail. Then I got a command; 'wait'. So I waited. Then suddenly the mission completed after 15 seconds of waiting. (Also, my chopper lost control and crashed into a bunker as that happened) And... That was it. The news follow up was OK (I was expecting it to continue), and then the speech at the end was pretty much completely useless. (Seriously, wtf... "Oh, shit. Gordon died." - "Who?" (Exactly what I was thinking)) And that was the end. "Oh shit".

    I'm glad that I was able to completely disable Bagango's defences with a cobra and a half (I took another chopper after I used up all of my hellfires and FFARs) though. Was quite fun taking out all those tanks with the hellfires. The one fun part of the mission.

    Oh and by the way, there are pilotable harriers in the level, after the unit swap becomes available (Just swap a few times. There're 2 controllable pilots near harriers). You get the objective: "Provide air strike (Or support, whatever)" I tried to do it but I failed, sort of. I think I took only 1 tank. Think I need a bit more plane practice. (To the guy who was disappointed at the supposed non-existence of plane flying in the campaign)

    All in all, the mission was nothing less than poop, to be honest.

    Oh well. At least there's MP. (Which I like, a lot)

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    I'm another surprised user. I bought the game last week, and have been playing a couple of missions a night. When I got to the capital, I thought "this can't be it, CWC was so much longer and difficult, it's gotta get challenging soon".

    Alas no. I did the mission with the Stryker. We all disembarked about 1km away from the camp, with a BMP2 and troops in the field in front. So I cleared those out and moved up to a camp which we cleared out and then headed onto the civi camp. I went in alone and everybody else was hiding.

    Got that cut scene and thought "brilliant, there is a whole load more coming where we will be fighting a gorrilla war or something", then the mission kinda jumped and loaded to a bridge blowing up behind me. I then went back to the camp which I cleared previously and had to engage some RACS troops, I then walked to the camp (which I thought I checked in the previous mission??), and got wiped out.

    I used team switch, but the AI refused to budge and just sat waiting at their starting points. Tried a couple of times. So gave up and took a cobra and took out all the tanks etc, switched to another one to save rearming and then hovered over the capital or camp, or whatever while the gunner shot all the troops and the mission ended.

    WTF indeed. I've been raving on about how nice it looks (although on my 3 year old PC, I've had to turn off the Post-Processing, which makes it look like OFP with grass). I'm afraid I'm not able to recommend this game to anybody. I'll stick to Resistance for multiplayer and Battlefield 2 for anything a bit more chaotic.

    Not worth the £19 I paid imho.

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    Another funny thing I discovered there is if you do a team switch from a pilot while still flying the chopper, the AI will simply land the craft even in the middle of the battlefield. Pretty smart eh? I thought the least it could do is stay up in the air...

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    Maby I just got lucky but the campaign finished fine for me or maby the 1.06 version got fixed dont know ,there was also an explanation for the RAC's troops behaviour.Still I hope that CWC and RES rearmed will be worth the wait because this campaign was way to short.

    just some observations

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    I am finally playing the campaign, after playing ArmA since it's release, and get to this last mission. Which starts with my group in a Stryker and we immediatly get blown up by a BMP. Game Over! No team switch or anything.

    Any Ideas?

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    Interesting storyline reasons here, makes a lot more sense now, great work on the conspiracies there Spokesperson. ***


    Why do so many judge this game on its SP? Its crap for SP personally, play online or go home.

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    I'm having major issues with this monstrosity.

    I've got to the point where it allows you to team switch, and by the time I've taken out the Air defences/Armour with a cobra or two, it wont let me jump back into an infantry or ground unit. All that's left available are air units.

    I wouldn't mind but I'm SO close to finishing it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Conclusion: Armed Assault campaign sucks. It ended when it could get interesting.

    Moving on to Rahmadi conflict and the seemingly more interesting Royal Flush. Hope i don't get disappointed. But then, the damage's done. Those 2 other campaigns are not about being the common infantry on the field. sigh...
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