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Thread: 'StarGate:Challanged Empires' Announced

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Blazin @ Sep. 06 2006,18:30)
    Ive seen an OFP character holding a P90 properly... ***

    Pistol holding anime maybe?
    It was a new set of anims for that soldier, any other weapon he picked up would be held the same way the P90 is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armored_Sheep View Post
    I like to call Arma a sandbox game that works pretty much like LEGO - you buy it not just because you want to have a nice car from the main picture on its box, do you?

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    Oh, that kinda sucks...

    Why not go all Season 1 and have MP5's insted?

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    15/09/06 Update (see first post)
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