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Thread: OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

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    BAS birds, HYK us troops, Blb&#39;s UK troops, UKF landies (WMIK), Llaumas sky pack, CAT afghanistan, Lasers pilots

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    A : CSLA II, ACR addonm, Drago

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    Huey ARA on a gun run over Fire Base Wendy. From Arc Light and Elephant Grass, unreleased campaign.

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    Addons:ACU by DLEM, Cat Island

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    OFPL/Combat&#33;/FDF/BRG N4 Elati/Hyk US

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    ... maybe an idea for mission maker - *infringement of the russian airspace: Korean Airlines flight KAL007 (german translation)

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    Addons: USMC Mod (M1025 HMMWV, LVS, M923, MTVR), Berghoffs NP 3

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    Just some cool unedited screens from a fun mission:

    RHS GRU, Edge resistance, 2ndrifle, SJB Weap, BRG N4, Mapfact, 3WX objects, OFPL objects.
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