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Thread: Porting PC mission to the XBOX

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    My miss... hehe

    the sqm is not correctly formated here, take a look in the tutorial to see how it would be.

    And remember, the viewdistance must be aligned with the other lines of the class intel, because its an information of intel itself.

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    so in general could you list what I need to play PC ofp missions ( possibly ArmA missions?? ) and how to port them across, as well as any completed missions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    All you need is a copy of the PC game patched to 1.96
    OFP patches - probably best to have Resistance also.

    Run the mission through the Eliteness 2.23 MakeMission tool

    Then someway of transferring the mission to the xbox.
    ftp for a modded xbox or Action Replay (mission size has to be below a certain size for Action Replay)

    All the info is in this thread or in gabrieldepaula's tutorial.

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    My acount expired in 4 shared. So I uploaded the files again.

    This is the porting tutorial
    Tutorial on porting missions

    This is a link of two missions I made on the PC and ported to xbox. Use the profile Gabriel or change the profile as explained in the tutorial.
    Mission for Xbox

    I'm Porting a lot of missions I have found on the net. I will post them when its ready. See you guys.

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    hi guys jus to say salute everyone. Im still playing OFP E with addons and new converted missions. Almost more than 2 hundred missions in total. PC to Xbox

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    OFPE tools

    Sometimes some guy comes by and asks me for the ofpe tools. I have combined the tools I know of in 1 zip, to be found on ... hope this helps the few who keep the OFPE dream alive:)

    A big salute,

    Creator of Battle at Le Port, 80.000+ views and counting (march, 2012)

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