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Thread: Addon Serial Database

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    is this still being worked on right now with ofpec down ? ***

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    Yup, I'm working on the system architecture.

    Note: i'm not affiliated with OFPEC or CoC. But have been talking to BN880 and Spinor for ideas and support.

    Hopefully by end of this month I should have a site up so we can start importing data.

    The desktop application / test will take longer.

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    We're keen to support this in any way we can, though at the moment we're pretty busy rebuilding.

    We'd like to incorporate it into our site, not necessarily hosting it ourselves (though we probably could if no-one else is willing or able), but I'd definitely be willing to ensure we 'comply' to any community standard we can come up with

    This would be great if we could get a system in place before ArmA comes out... it may already be too late for OFP addons, but something along the lines of this should be compulsory for future ones.

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    Great to hear.

    As for hosting I'll probably end up hosting the master database and having a nice integrated mirroring system for site owners to provide most of the downloads.

    This is something that will have to be worked out with mirror sites once I have a preview up.

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    I'm not really sure if enforcing usage of automaticaly generated MD5 hash is such a good idea. I very often modify addons for my personal use (tweak, fix 'n' stuff) thus MD5 will change as well. Implementing MD5 checking on mission start would make me unable to do so. There should be at least an option to turn that feature off.

    Just my 2 cents. I hope I understand it right what you're trying to do.

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    i think its a great idea, this way everyone will have the same addons for the missions they are playing. i dont think its fair for people to play multiplayer on a server and have a modified addon that no-one else has on the server.
    aslo it would halp to stomp cheaters, since the files used have to match the hash check. so any files that are changed to give a player an advantage wouldnt work.
    i wonder why BIS hasnt commented on this project. it's the most promissing thing i have read in a while for OFP.
    aslo having this work for ArmA and later Game2 would be great!
    and this wouldnt stom people from playing with modified addons, they would only be able to use them in singleplay which is the way it should be.
    if someone changes an addon so that every solder they see on the field is just blank white or another color to make it easier to spot them in MP games, this system would put an end to that. aslo modified weapons wouldnt work.. this is soo good, not only will it make it easier for everyone to play MP games with out having to worry about missing addon, it also make's it that much harder for players to cheat with modified files!!!

    i'd call this system a central addon database/anti-cheat.

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