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Thread: DEM to WrpTool trouble

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    Grr, stupid internet service. Anyways, I was asking you if you could try and convert it on your computer for me. It's a 75m.dem of Parris Island, SC which is the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

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    Sure, feel free to send me the dem to my email account or msn



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    I had the same troubles with Wilbur as well. I made certain that I chose lat/lon txt output and just deleted ..png and typed .txt instead.

    The file I just made from a greyscale bmp-image was exported by Wilbur as txt. WrpTool had no complaints. Just checking.

    The greyscale image was made in Microdem. I converted a 90 meter DEM to a 50 meter UTM file. Made a correction to the height range in Wilbur (scale x 0.4, minus 30 meter).

    Have made a very raw terrain of 6.4 km by 6.4 km. Not many objects on it yet.

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