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Thread: MP Desert Combat Tournament

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    Posting this as a request, alot of quality addons in it (check the movie). Feel free to "let" a friend know of this is hes in a clan that want to bring the coop night addons feeling into gameplay. Well it speaks for itselves

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]

    <span style='colorarkRed'><span style='font-size:27pt;line-height:100%'>Online Warfare Desert Combat Tournament</span></span>

    Online Warfare is pleased to announce the inaugural Tournament of the Online Warfare Gaming platform.

    The tournament will involve at least 8 teams. and will be a knockout competition with new maps developed by BigRed #DK# using a collection of Desert Combat mods for Operation Flashpoint.

    Should you wish to participate, please register HERE.


    To create a team you must join the OnlineWarfare Ladder. The Ladder itself is not active and is a holding place for all players. Please follow these instructions -

    (This assumes you already have an active players account)

    - Select &#39;Operation Flashpoint&#39; from &#39;Ladders&#39; located on the menu (left hand-side) mid way down.

    - Select &#39;OnlineWarfare&#39; from the list of Ladders.

    - Select &#39;Join this ladder&#39; from the list

    - An option to &#39;Create Team&#39; will be available on the right.

    - From there follow the on screen instructions to creating a team.

    Once your team has been created you will be able to join Tournaments that are open for registration or if you have been selected for an Invitational Tournament.

    Any problems, reply here or PM myself or any of the admins from this list

    Squad leaders can then add players by using their player IDs

    Squad leaders can administrate their team via the "Player Manager" menu.

    Once teams are registered on the main site, please post in the TEAM REGISTRATION THREAD. The admins will then add your team to the tournament brackets.

    Please also register on our FORUMS
    NOTE -: Users are required to register for the forums as well as for the main site&#33;&#33;&#33; The registrations are not transferable between sites&#33;

    Mod download HERE
    Map download (Zip format) HERE
    Main Site HERE
    Forums HERE
    Desert Combat Movie (Made by Cain)
    High Quality: (Save Target As) 65Mb WMV, Lenght, 2min 01sec

    DK has already loaded up the mods on their server, to check out the mod and maps, please go to :
    #DK# Desert Combat Server

    Online Warfare Admin Team
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    I&#39;ll tell you the story how it really is
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    go for it

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    4 slots left

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    on a screenshot i saw that there was a soldier with RPG and he was lying on the ground , is this just a picture or you will really be able to lyie down with AT weps?

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    With a animation pack installed yes, with this pack no. (the addons are the same). Do quick search on this forum and it should come up

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    After weeks and months of Gaming the first "really" sucessfull OFP tournament has been completed. (if you dont belive me, check the movies )

    =USA=, Hotshots, -=Ronin=- , SODKP, [LiT], TPC , #DK# and .inspiration would all play untill only one winner had become the champion of Desert Combat. .inspiration who went unbeaten against #DK# in the final would make sure they stayed that way and took the trophy and raised it to the sky

    Official Recordings
    Desert Combat Tournament Volume 1 (recordings from round 1)
    Desert Combat Tournament Volume 2 (recordings from round 2)
    Desert Combat Tournament Volume 3 (recordings from round 3)

    Unofficial Recordings
    Desert Combat Tournament Final (recordings from the final)

    There road to victory was short, swift, and decisive -

    Beat LiT - Match 1 &#124; Match 2
    Beat Ronin - Match 1 &#124; Match 2
    Beat DK - Match 1 &#124; Match 2
    <span style='color:"Red"'>Finals - Beat DK - </span>Match 1 &#124; Match 2
    (pictures from all the games can be found here)

    Online Warfare

    Please visit Online Warfare.Net for more info about the upcomming Desert Combat II Tournament. There is alos info about old ones aswell

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    well worth the downloads ... better than a slap&#33;
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    From where i can get all these videos? links broken

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