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Thread: M4's for weapon Individualisem

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    M4's for weapon Individualism




    STGN SOPMOD gen.4 ver. 0.98 Beta

    0.98 Beta release, there are still allot of things missing for 1.0 but I hope you will enjoy this beta I find it pretty good. I realise that I forgot to include som ammo info in the read me you can find it in the config thats included.

    Remember that you can now delete the STGNSOPMODa.pbo as its no longer needed.

    I hope this inspires you to make your own addons for OFP and to try to be creative to bring details in to the game that makes for at better immersion into OFP.

    This 0.98 Beta still misses alot:
    Textues needs finishing
    Model parts
    JAM config
    config related stuff

    V0.98 RELEASE, 19-03-2010
    New recoil
    Updated cpp
    Added Trijicon Reflex
    New M203 model
    Added KAC masterkey
    Added inventory pictures
    Custom Muzzle flash
    Updated model and textures
    Modified ACOG
    v0.901 RELEASE, 23-05-2009
    Fixes bugs and a few things I forgot
    v0.9 RELEASE, 22-05-2009
    Added CQBR/ACOG/M203 versions
    Updated models and textures
    Updated cpp
    New Recoil
    v0.5 RELEASE, 08-01-2006
    Added CQBR versions
    New models and textures
    Updated cpp
    v0.45 RELEASE, 01-06-2005
    Added ACOG versions
    Added SD version
    Updated cpp
    Couble of fixes
    v0.4 RELEASE, 27-05-2005
    Download here:
    STGNSOPMOD v1.0Alpha (gamefront)

    STGNSOPMOD v0.98 4.67 mb download (filefront)

    STGNSOPMOD v0.98 4.67 mb download (

    Old versions:
    download here:
    STGNSOPMOD v0.901 3.09 MB download (filefront)

    STGNSOPMOD v0.901 3.09 MB download (

    STGNSOPMOD v0.5 3.14 MB download (FileFront) -thanks Placebo
    Includes a very simple mission where you can try out the gun.

    Link thanks to
    STGNSOPMODv0.45 (2.5mb)

    Links thanks to
    STGNSOPMODv0.45 (2.5mb) FTP#1
    STGNSOPMODv0.45 (2.5mb) FTP#2

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    OFP addons:SOPMOD M4's Black OPS WW4 textures WW4 reload Animation Diemaco SFW
    "The M4 is flat out the best Assault Rifle in the world...period...the end." - rgrgordo

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    Nice work mate
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    *sigh* ....
    make a Tavor micro? or CV-22 ?

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    Make a water pistol
    wait, I already done that...
    Nice models..but.. so are INQ, so are that high-realism M4 [*Ahem* - Just realised that was you ], so is.. I oculd go on all day, which is a long time from now, but I'll not

    if you want to make the pack.. different.. work on scripts that let you remove parts of it (Like add a scope to normal M4, you are given M4 Scoped, add a M203 launched, you get scoped m4 w/ M203, etc)
    - Ben

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    I have with interest been following the (way too damn slow) development of this little pack of yours.

    And it is actually looking like we're about to see, for the first time, an accurate, hi-detailed version of the M4.

    For the sake of the children, finish this addon!

    (and for my sake, make one version with a EOTech, and one with an ACOG, and one supressed version, and one with a trijicon reflex 2, and one with an aimpoint, and ofcourse all those variants with AN/PEQ-2)

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    yep, i like the handling of it, good piece and the test mission was fun too, thanks .

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    he he well right now im in the middel of my exams so I don't have that much time on my hands for the moment.
    Actualy you should not call this an accurate model two weeks ago i realised that the lower reciver is 0.5" too high and the buffertube is abit too thick so I am right now i am working on correcting those and in the same time updating the model so it wil be easier to convert to A2, A1 and A0 versions. Plus offcause finish off my textures.

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    Well, recoil and fire rate feel great and i like the textures has they are not too shiny or over detailed, blends well with OFP has it is though the model looks a bit out of place obviously (compared to everything else), i wish ARAS weapons would look this good and detailed, this rifle is a pleasure to look at and fire with.
    I would rather have a pack with more weapons like this one than more M4 varients and mods, because its weird when you are holding this fine looking piece and look at the enemies/teamates other ones .
    Thanks again for releasing it, its very apretiated here .

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    yeah , the textures are pretty good.
    btw if you wanna have a realistic recoil , try this :

    for the single fire :

    and this one for the full auto mod :


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