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Thread: Turning OFP into your favourite game!

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    ragdolls arent possible.
    at least dynamic ones.
    it is possible to bind animations to hit-points.

    eg if left arm is hit the model does this and this animation.
    also an improved fatigue model is possible that way.
    (eg dismemberments)

    tried this and it works fine.
    but a "real" ragdoll isnt possible in ofp

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    Hey, I'm looking for mod that replaces these black ironsights with new ones, something like this

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    If you look for the addons from which those ironsights are coming from :
    The M249 and the M16 ones are made by Earl and are included in the Marine Assault Pack
    The aimpoint one i think is made by Benus and comes from the FFUR replacement mod, but i don't know which version exactly.
    If i remember well, the last one for the M60 comes from InQUisiToR high detail weapon pack

    Most (if not all) the replacement mods are using customised ironsights, either those or different ones, and several standalone addons are using them too, like Laser weapons for his units.

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    installed OFP after quite a long time I've been using GRAA replacement mod cause it totally rocks the only problem is that it changes only people models.

    The question is are there any mods out there that replace vehicles and aircraft like GRAA replaces people models and leaves everything else like good old vanilla OFP?

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    Does anyone still happen to have the Material Properties addon on their HD's? Can't find it anywhere anymore and I'd like to take a look at it.

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    Not sure if it is this one as i remember there was some different material addon, but you can find Lupus material addon on the bottom of this page

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    Cheers Sanctuary! I think that's it, at least close to the one I was looking for if not. Will check it out.

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    sorry for asking
    anyway, what is the "materials addons" for? i was unable to find it...the links are invalid..

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    I don't know but ArmA and OFP just have different feels to them. ArmA reminds me more of Americas Army in terms of graphics and detail. Anyone else agree?

    As Real as Possible...and I'm not talking about a condom...

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