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Thread: Realistic Mission Making Resource Thread

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    Ok this is difficult question sorry. We need realistic camera and map view panels, no external camera jumping. Here is example picture from M1 tank platoon 2 game. This is IVIS system for all mechanised platoon units (tank, airdefence, antitank, and artillery).

    Example picture (fixed link sorry):

    Camera panel with controls, screenshot (not IVIS) from operation flashpoint game:

    Map and camera IVIS panel interface (keyboard or mouse controlled) possible?

    CoC mod: Unit, waypoint control and helmet camera system, good stuff.

    What is IVIS? (Inter Vehicular Intercom System).
    Just extra camera targetting and simplified formation/map control system.

    IVIS would allow a tank crew to find out what other tank crews are seeing, and to tell those other crews what they see.

    IVIS is basically an electronic battle map that sits in front of the commander.

    Selecting vechile camera screen views and pointing targets for other tank crews, without orginal bigmap messing?.

    Best field manuals site, direct IVIS link:

    Old operation flashpoint topic:

    And that plane stuff, we need those things for all kind missions.
    Good time to help groups? :


    NoLips71 is also making a B-52 Bomber

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    well i try to make my missions realistic that's why i tweak my favorite units with sensitivity, what i can see my group can see. my enemy units usually hd ammo since i base my missions with mercs/terrorist/private military vs sof conducting covert or clandestine missions with only fixed wing cas or none at all.

    ive been trying to read those manuals but they seem still too formal to me. i base my missions or get ideas from books and articles.

    i'd like to ask whats the typical briefing structure. friendly units in area/ support/ intel. cause i haven't really seen official ones.

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    Typical briefing structure is like the Warning Orders that have examples in this thread.

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    Just another field manual more. Here we go...
    Soldiers Manual Of Common Tasks


    Step by step routines.
    Sorry about that IVIS stuff wrong topic.
    More headache? Topic link:

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    Guys do you mean the sainte marie hill mission from Coc?
    If yes i cant play it, every addon is missing and there are no links...

    I think a B-52 is a bit overpowered for ofp. And usually they fly very high. And for the AI its really difficult to pilot such monsters (btw: there was a b-52 beta somewhere) maybe you'll have to script the whole flight...

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    Now i'm not entirely certain if this link has been previously posted, if so i apologise

    US Field Manuals

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    Best resource I ever found:
    http://www.tecom.usmc.mil/techdiv....nes.doc ***

    It's also quite instructive for OFP clans.

    Found on http://www.tecom.usmc.mil/techdiv/IT...me/ITKHome.htm under "Close Combat Marines"
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    I love that game (Close Combat)!!! One of the most realistic tactical wargames I've ever played. Didn't know that the Marine Corps officially shared my position .

    The main problem, though, is that CC is based on the use of cover and suppressive fire; while in OFP, those things are not available for/against the AI.
    HANDSIGNALS COMMAND SYSTEM-- A realistic squad-control modification for OFP

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    The Whole Russian Army exposed and revealed!
    I'm not sure if it's the right thread but I hope some of you might find these informations useful when making some realistic missions. Here you'll find these highly classified documents. But be quick and grab those files before FSB shoots the hole site down

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