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Thread: Most immersive FirstPerson games

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    Hi, I know I posted a thread like this a while ago, but I cannot find it and want some new games.

    Anyways, I am looking for some nice immersive first person games. I don't need a plot so thick that you need to take notes or read the book first to understand. But it should be immersive.

    A good example is Theif2. If any of you have played it, you know it is immersive. You listen to people's conversations, observe behavior, act as a true theif. You are fully immersed in the story.

    Another great example is Medal of Honor, Allied Assault.
    The atmosphere is great in that game. My favorite aspect is the real German spoken in game. That is a golden attribute to immersion. There are no subtitles for translation for the most part. So unless you actually know German, you won't be able to understand. Operation Flashpoint had Russian in it, but not alot.

    If any of you could name games with these qualities, please talk about them here.

    For any game with foreign languages(something I am looking for) in it, they must be the actual language spoken by native speakers. Not some game developers or actors trying to fake it. If there are, then list the languages spoken.

    Feel free to drop off ideas and comments.

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    Also while realism isn't that important to me here, I would not like to always have to shoot an enemy 10 times to kill them.

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    Doom 3. The damn thing gave me a heart condition, and that's what I'd call immersive.

    edit: Thief 3 is also up there.

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    Hidden & Dangerous 2 is a pretty immersive FPS experience.

    The Splinter Cell series are also immersive, but then again; they're not FPS games, but 3rd pers.

    To mention some older games that I found immersive at the time; the Rainbow Six series... especially Rogue Spear/UO/COE.

    Not much else that springs to mind and/or fits your requirements. OFP has been the ultimate immersive gaming experience for me ever since it came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by (IceFire @ Sep. 08 2004,05:55)
    Hi, I know I posted a thread like this a while ago, but I cannot find it and want some new games.
    This is your old thread, but of course it's too old to be replied to now, but it's there for reference
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    I could mention Battlefield Vietnam of course. It can be immersing enough if you play on the right servers with the right people...

    And there are spoken Vietnamese language in the game...if it's accurate and spoken by real Vietnamese I don't know?

    ...and as someone mentioned in your old thread; Day of Defeat (although the commercial release is shite...DoD was very good when it was a mod and up untill beta 3.0...now I'm just waiting to see how DoD: Source will be... )

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    Apart from the obivous OFP.. I'd say the next most imersive game is Hidden & Dangerous 2 like someone else said! You often finding yourself looking for PROPER cover (ie not just behind a fence or something) as the bullets have penetration and can ricochet off things, and it's always nice seeing a Nazi hit the deck like a sack of poop when you pop him in the head, then see the bullet also impact the wall behind him because of the power! (gotta love Lee Enfield's)

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    Perhaps... DeusEx?
    (The original part 1, can't speak for part 2)
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    Dunno, haven't had a look around since OFP came by my HD.
    You'll love Call of Duty if you liked MOH:AA. Pretty much the same game but CoD is much more polished.
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    I preffer TPS to FPS, so I don't have any favourites here.
    One is unable to experience the body movement from FPS, which makes it unrealistic.
    All the lean movements, crouch, bend (over?) are artficial, since one is unable to see his own body.
    Call me Delirium now. :/

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