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Thread: 1.96a Server

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    Yep, as 3 guys from OWM team Snip, they all have 4 ID numbers. All bought the game in july 2001 in France, and they are all fair and clean guys...

    So dont be paranoiac...and stop kick them...

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    Suma, would it be possible to host a webinterface on the OFP mainpage where you can enter a key and check if it is valid or fake? Still not perfect, but you might narrow down who is is a wolf in sheep's clothing before a mission starts and kick the suspected badguys before they try anything. Of course this still won't stop people using valid IDs from other players but it would be a bit of a help perhaps.

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    I think a possibility of checking whether an ID is valid or not isn't a good idea. It could be misused...

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    Other questions:

    How long does it take to see the message
    Remember original games do not fade
    if player uses invalid ID???

    Is there a range or fixed timeout or will it be visible exactly after he connected?

    And how many minutes does it take to get auto kicked after recieving this message above?

    When will the check start to work?
    When I'am connected or even when I'm still connecting?

    Security on BI games!

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    Any news on a Linux version?

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    Guess we'll have to manually put up with fake IDs then....


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    Quote Originally Posted by (Shrike @ Aug. 29 2004,17:23)
    Guess we'll have to manually put up with fake IDs then....

    Holiday period m8

    I'm quite confident that the linux version will follow shortly

    Bellum pacis pater

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    If it is text, why not use NTFS Compression on the log file.
    Should reduce the size by quite a margin.

    Also maybe RAR it using a batch file between runs.

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    What about the linux version with the command debug?


    Ofp is really a great game, but the server (at least in linux) is really.. awful:

    1. installing WWII it crashed at startup because a bad texture aspect ratio... I had to make a script to check each pbo in order to find the problematic one. 2 hours spent (or wasted because server didn't print the pbo with the error)

    2. Starting some missions fails without any reason "apparently", or a message is printed saying that you have a lack of some addon (although it is there). addons dependecies not shown correctly (or not shown at all).

    3. Lack of documentation: our clan had to search in different forums to find some things like remove 3rd person.

    4. Lack of a forum for servers: all the questions about server, config server, bug in servers are in multiplayer... not too nice IMHO

    I want to congratulate the people that have worked in this game, cause, as I have said beforem is really a GREAT game! I would like to say the same for the server....

    best regards,

    [SSU] Super Pepel

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    Well, three month now without a linux version. This is kind of a bummer, as i don't see what is so complicated about putting the same patch into the linux code and recompile the whole thing. This could maybe even help the libs problem by offering either binaries compiled for different lib versions or at least for the new versions.

    Some of your points about missing log output is true, but most of it is the fault of broken addons/missions. Although it is strange that those same addons/missions are working on the windows server afaik. The linux server seems to be pickier, see for example aspect ratio. It would be great if this could be made equal by either making the windows server as picky or the linux server accept the same thing the win server does.

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