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Thread: L96 & L115 Sniper Rifle Pack v1.50BETA RELEASED

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    Following quite a bit of rework on both models and textures I'm happy to say that I can release the v1.5BETA of my L96A1 and L115A1 Sniper Rifle pack.

    ...Although Please remeber this is a BETA and may not represent the quality of the finished product.

    Please also note that this release DOES NOT include an animated bipod. This is due to scripting problems.

    The BETA pack contains four models:

    L96A1 - Standard Green livery
    L96A1 Camo - Camouflaged using my UKGrn net texture
    L115A1 - Standard Green livery
    L115A1 Camo - Camouflaged using my UKGrn net texture

    The final release will include Desert, Snow and a slightly modified version of the existing Woodland Textures. As well as an animated bipod.

    Download the Readme HERE 41.5Kb

    (Registration Required)

    As always mirrors are always appreciated.

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    its nice to is one good addon got released to day

    thanks to Blackdog

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    hmm..i think all the "advertisement" on the optics model really ruins the addon. otherwise, nice work

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    Quote Originally Posted by (ni-mh @ July 12 2004,05:00)
    hmm..i think all the "advertisement" on the optics model really ruins the addon. otherwise, nice work ***
    Erm...README states it will be changed. ***Its a legacy of a Clan Wars competition...designed specially for one event.

    If you read it you'll also see that its going to be "toned down/replaced" in the next version.

    Thanks for the mirror KiKill

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    Another mirror for you..

    looking forward to trying these tonite

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    Good stuff fellas. I can't wait to shoot Rhodite in the face with these. Oh wait, he don't play with me anymore


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    Even if we did get to play .. u would miss cus yer a fly boy !

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    One thing to note, the readme is wrong in regards to L96A1. It should read:
    Name: L96A1
    Wpn: RKSL_L96A1
    Ammo: RKSL762NATO_mag

    I haven't tried adding any others yet, but the L96A1 is perfect. I'm getting excellent hits at any range thanks to the interesting scope layout.

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