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Thread: You know when you have played too much ofp when:

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    -If your mother language isnt English and your english teacher in school is talking to you and you answer "Roger that".

    -When your girlfriend starts to give you tips on mission scripting.

    -When you think like this:
    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ] "this PLAYERNAME switchMove FXStandLeavePC: goto "bed""

    unit PLAYERNAME == present in bed: goto "end"
    unit PLAYERNAME !present in bed: PLAYERNAME setdamage 1

    -When every phone conversation starts like this: "You scripting/playing?" - "yeh" - "Ok Ill call you later then."

    -When you and your m8 use voice over net comms over telephone to chat.

    -When your parents start to call you with your ingame nick.

    -Actual phone coneversation: "Hello?, hold on... Roger, we got 2 badboys at west, 200.... Ok back (on phone). Yeah, bye."

    - you walk through a park and use EVERY bush on your way as cover.

    - you drive with friends to a party and insist that the headlights need to stay off.

    - you walk through the city centre and look for a good sniping spot.

    - you see a flag pole and desperatly have the urge to go to it and take the flag.

    - you DO get the flag down from the pole and start running, while suddenly stopping and wondering why there is no message saying "xxxx took the flag"

    - you wonder why you don't get any points for staying close to it and hiding near to it in a bush.

    - you ask visitors why they are not wearing the official camo.

    - you run to every stick on a walk, cuz it could be a G36 or M21.

    - you wonder if it is worth to run after the truck that just passed you, since it might have better weapons.

    - you miss the start of a business meeting and yell out: "DAMN LAG!!"

    - you are on way to a meeting together with your boss and ask him, if you could take the tank.

    - you arrive somewhere and call out: "This is xxxx, I'm in position".

    - you only crawl when crossing a street.

    - you try to spot something at night and look for the "N" key.

    - your English essay is titled: "Why I can't hit a barn door with a PK/M60".

    - you think about mining the bridge you just crossed.

    - you tell the people you walk around with to "FORM LINE!" and "STAY ALERT!"

    - a person stumbles and falls near you, you say "oh no...2...is down"

    - your boss asks "Are you ready?" and you answer "Cannot Fire!"

    - When you see someone sitting in a park bench, you look at him and shout: "CAMPER"!

    - When you see a chopper, your first thought is "AA".

    - You hurt yourself and shout "MEDIIC!"

    - When your almost every answer is Roger.

    -"Why're you late?"
    "Erm... I'm not late... you're lagging and missed me"

    -"Did you work out your trigonometry?"
    "Trig? I thought you said trajectory..." *sound of shells landing in the car park*

    - When you use phonetic alphabet all the time.

    - Whenever you give your friend/gf a present, its always OFP GOTY


    All sources from SWAF players.

    Please, add your own ones.

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    Jan 14 2004
    Thanx a nice list ***

    One to add: you get a bad grade and try to find out a way to kidnapp you're teacher. First briefing.........

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    Oct 18 2002
    - you walk through a park and use EVERY bush on your way as cover.
    - you walk through the city centre and look for a good sniping spot.
    - you think about mining the bridge you just crossed.

    thats me
    I usualy counter snipe whenI was little I always looked down but now I always look up to se if there is a sniper somewhere. And I nearly always have my arms in a position so it looks like I am holding a M16.

    OFP addons:SOPMOD M4's Black OPS WW4 textures WW4 reload Animation Diemaco SFW
    "The M4 is flat out the best Assault Rifle in the world...period...the end." - rgrgordo

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Hitman[SWAF
    @ Mar. 09 2004,17:31)]- you try to spot something at night and look for the "N" key.
    ^^ not funny! this happened to me quite a few times

    REALISM! No, fuck that, FIRE THE LASER!

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    Apr 6 2002
    Manchester, UK.
    Yeah, me too! I think it's some kind of abnormal disfunction...
    I always look at my shoes for the N key.

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    Jan 19 2003
    Riyadh , Saudi Arabia
    Come to think of it OFP somehow has improved my eye sights i mean all those night/evening missions in which you have to lay low and strain your eyes for the slightest possible movement i swear now adays i can even spot a SLIGHTEST movement from the corner of my eye and usually i am correct in spotting it.

    I think OFP has some how moulded us al in to a small semi-trained in warfare maneouvers rag tag army/militia

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    Lol, somehow I don't think straining your eyes at a computer screen will improve your eyesight.

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    You know you've started to play too much OFP when you go out into the country and you appreciate the vast drawdistance.

    I know I do.

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    I look at the landscape around where I live and wish OFP ran at that resolution.

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    When I get into my car with some friends I usually murmur "ALL getin car 4 o'clock."

    Those who are flashpoint players get in and say "2 ready" "3 ready" and then I start driving and say "ALL move to echo foxtrot two four!"


    - when you see a vehicle you think "We need that addon!"
    - when you look at the sky and comment how nice it would look in a skymod (I do this all the time)

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