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Thread: You know when you have played too much ofp when:

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    When the addons, & mods are exceeding your hardrive capacity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Günter Severloh View Post
    When the addons, & mods are exceeding your hardrive capacity.
    Here my experiences:

    - You are surprised that GPMG isn't reloaded (and there isn't a "reload" sound) if you ram it underneath your chest.
    - You are surprised there isn't "tack-tack" sound when you run on the pavement with combat boots.
    - You are surprised that there isn't text on any part of your vision.
    - You are surprised that there are more songs than ones made by Seventh.
    - You are surprised there are no script error messages.
    - You are surprised you don't need to press keys, in order to talk to people.
    - You are surprised with flawless scripts of the real world.
    - You are stunned to see a stuck tank, which isn't being manned.
    - You are surpirsed with variety of the world, and MOST OF ALL, there isn't a ctd, due overload.
    - You are surprised that there is no lag, when you are in any built up environment.
    - You are surprised that trees in the forest CAN be knocked over, and aren't immortal statics.
    - When you look out the window, and when you see a seagull you think why that dead guy is stalking you.

    That's what happened to me. LMAO
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    Good experiences but I think your experiences are out of context on what this thread is about, also you dont need to quote me when my post is right above yours,
    unless your replying to something specifically in what I said, in which i only said one thing.

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    It's just me. Not exactly relevant. Pretty much like Posthardcore. Something kinda there, but not exactly there.xD

    One another I had to experience:
    -You are surprised, that GPMG gunners have ammo bearers and assistant loaders. I mean, it's usually five mags all by yourself in CWA.xD
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    - When you stare at the night sky and the first thing that you do is looking for the North Star.

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    You want to adjust lights/heating/whatever in your car by looking for the context menu key.

    You are surprised that you can load stuff into your car without having to kneel behind it and wait for a chunky-clicky sound and subtitles appearing in midair.

    You have no idea of what deer, boars or sheep look like, since they weren't included in MiG's Animal addon.

    You can magically make your gun's barrel disappear into the ground when you lower it and then have it appear again by raising it.

    You discourage the use of shotguns among your troops, since the Resistance Kozlica isn't very practical.

    You name your pet Dave/Viktor/James, etc.

    You are terrified of landing fixed-wing aircraft and think helicopters are easier to fly in real life as well.

    You avoid settlements named Montignac like the plague.

    You try to convince your geography buff friend about Nogova/Sahrani/Chernarus being real.

    You refuse to learn how to swim, because you know well you would get inexplicable bloody wounds from it and die either way.

    You are never affraid of bailing out of an aircraft, since you always have your magical insta-parachute.
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