People have been asking for a sticky topic on "How To" with Addons At Ease. ***I guess I'll give it a shot

1. ***Addons At Ease (AAE) is a tool that makes installing addons and missions more easy. ***It is also recommended by BIS, and the community you include a mission with your addons. ***This is a common problem that make OFP addons only good for a toy in the mission editor.

2. In order to use AAE, you must download the AAE ZIP file, and install the small program anywhere on your computer.
You may download this toolHERE.

3. Extract all the files within the ZIP file to a folder called AAE. ***Does not matter where the AAE folder is located on your computer.

4. In order to make your addons support AAE, you must do exactly this:

- Open your AAE folder
- Open your atease_msi folder
- Make 2 new folders in your atease_msi folder
- Name folder 1 "Addons"
- Name folder 2 "Missions"

Be sure your atease_msi folder looks like this :

-After everything is setup:
-Place your addon or addons in your addons folder
-Place your mission or missions in your missions folder
(the folders you made in the atease_msi folder)

5. Now we need to make sure the compiler knows what to call the addons when the user wants to install your addon.

-open up the "name" text document, and type in the name of your addon only, and then save the text document.

-open up the "readme" text document and type in any information about the addon you would like. ***Anything.

(be sure not to rename ANY of the files inside the atease_msi folder)

6. Now you can dress up your installation with a few images.

-Background.bmp can be any image you want, just make sure it's nothing vulgar. ***Obviously.

- Banner.bmp requires a "Please read" notice. ***So if you have any pictures, the text will overlap your image. ***SO be sure to be aware

(again step number 6 is not all that important)

7. ***Your ready! ***Click the atease.exe and watch AAE compile all the files into a simple installer. ***This makes installing addons user friendly, and provides more than just an addon, but a terrific map people can use your addons in.

(if you are not great at making missions, contact me via PM or email and I can help you out)

I hope this helps those new to using AAE.
p.s. Moderators of any kind, please fix the title of this thread.. I may have screwed up while Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Ving everything.. name it
"Addons At Ease"
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