>>>>BTW get on today,
Wont be home till Tuesday

>>>>>I wasn't playing good that day anyway
funny I never had any bad days when I play, never good, nor Bad, Drunk or Sober, or half a sleep, I always come in 1st or 2nd place id russin is playing

it has nothing to with me being good or not, It just takes time to understand Mapping Tool"l data AND to actually use it inyour favor, I'm sure if i whined as much as you do online I wwould be in 9th ot lasth place as well

>>>>And in the mean time, get a life

I have a Life a fast one
I Own my own Computer Company and the store front

this is ma baby 324 kph (201 mph)
THIS makes Life FUN!

>>>>>I bet he doesnt really have a GF if he plays that much
I'm 27, ***6'-5" thin and actually a NICE guy, I do allot of ***helping around here, mabey you should as well in stead of being a flamer
AND my GF is 21, 6'-"1, thin and does get realllllly pissed with me when hide on the NET for two days straight!

Shes a hotie, she has a 2 year old daughter that is just cutie and is crazy about me

combine that with OFP and I have a Great LIFE

Wisom, no matter how hard you try I'll never be/get mad at you, I'll never need to, I out grew guys like you years ago

After you graduate look me up and I'll give you a job!

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