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Thread: Improved unit editor

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    The way i thought of it in last post after you asked is that you could choose every weapon as a secondary weapon, so no weapon would be configured as a secondary weapon. It would be so you would "only" have the weight limit to take into consideration as in the example above. So it would all depend on where you put the max weight limit. It should be at a lvl where it would be acceptable to have:
    sniper + ***submachinegun + mags + equipment
    assault rifle + grenade launcher + ammo (+ equipment)
    assault rifle + shotgun + ammo (+ equipment)
    assault rifle + 1 shot AT weapon + ammo + equipment
    assault rifle + reloadable AT/AA launch system + rifle ammo + equipment

    Where (+equipment) means that a equipment thing like aone pair of NVG or on binocular would be ok but not more than that.
    Where 1 shot aa weapons would be a real 1 shot weapon at not like now where you can reload and have to carry ammo for it.
    Where with reloadable AT/AA weapons, which are heavier than 1 shot weapon, you would carry the lauch tube/system but you would carry the ammo in the ammo bag in the backpack menu which is how you carry it in real life.
    But it shouldnt be acceptable to carry:
    Machine gun + Machine gun + side arm + ammo + equipment
    Machine gun + assault rifle + side arm + ammo + ammo + ammo + grenades + equipment
    assault rifle + assault rifle + side arm + ammo + ammo + ammo + grenades + equipment

    And so on. As said above it will all depend on finding the right max weight limit for the main equipment loadout. What you carry in the backpack doesnt matter if you would have to take it off and take thing out of it, like i surgested in the first post i talked about backpack.
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">These backpacks would increase how much you could hold but should also affect your movement and speed. Also it should be so you would have to take the ammo from the packs to your webbing before being able to use it. That way you wont be able to run around with 30 mags or something like that. So it could be something like this in the [ENTER] menu.
    Open Backpack
    You would then get a pop-up inventory list of the backpack. You could then choose between the items with your mouse and mark/select the things you wish to pick up/move to your webbing or drop them to ground if you dont need them anymore.
    A nice features that could be added, that also would add realism, would be the abbillity to take off the backpack, so you could leave it at a gather point before a attack.
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    I tried messing around with some real life weights to see how it comes out. And it aint gonna be easy to limit the load out for a soldier if you make it a free choice for the two weapon choices/slot and at the same time also have a soldier that can carry a reloadable AT weapon. But i would still keep it at that idea. Based on your info that is at the high end weight scale. At least i think.
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I myself routinely had 13 magazines for my M-16, plus a 100-round belt of 7.62mm and, on occasion, an AT weapon as well.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    M16 3.8kg
    M16 mag 0.7kg
    100 round 7.62 belt aprox. 1.2kg
    LAW 2.5kg
    AT4 6.7kg
    With a LAW it would be 16.6kg
    With a AT4 it would be 20.8kg
    And after trying some different examples i found that max weight should be around 20kg . And by choosing max weight you would get a considerable negative value to your movement. So it would be a choice between agillity or weaponry.
    So here are some examples.
    M16 with 6 mags and a carl gustav launcher(no ammo)
    = 19.5 kg
    M16M203 with 10mag and 20 grenades (found vest that could hold 20 grenades)
    = 18.2 kg
    M16 with 10 mags and 4 handgrenades and a AT 4
    = 19.3 kg
    M16 with 10 mags and 4 handgrenades and a LAW
    = 15.1kg
    M16 with 10 mags and 4 handgrenades
    = 12.6 kg
    M24 with 10 mags and HK mp5 with 10 mags.
    = 16.3 kg
    M24 with 10 mags and M4 with 10 mags
    = 18.1kg
    M24 with 10 mags and M16 with 10 mags
    = 19.3 kg
    M249 with 4 x 200 round box mags
    = 19,7kg
    M82A with 10 mags and a M9 pistol with 4 mags
    = 19.8kg
    M60E3 with 8 x 100 round belts
    = 18,1kg
    M240 with 7 x 100 round belts
    = 19.2kg
    This should give a clue to what you could hold at max weight. Also if you wanted other equipment like binoculars or NVG goggles you would have to remove ammo, or if you choose two weapons instead of on it would limited the weight left for ammo and equipment. So i think that a free choice of two weapons and a max weight of 20kg on soldier could work.

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    This is one helluva nice idea, i really want see that weight system on ofp 2. This surely could come handy on 2 hour no respawn co-op.
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    Yeah, Dkraver, I really like the thought you&#39;ve put into this. And it really makes sense. Anyone who has ever tried to dash from cover to cover during an assault knows that it ain&#39;t easy when you&#39;ve got an M-60 or M-240B/FN-MAG to carry around.

    How would we factor such potential equipment as body armor? Should that count?

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    Body armour could make the players sweat like priests in a playground. Maybe. It is pretty uncomfortable in hot weather, but nice in cold

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    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Hellfish6 @ 02 May 2003,02:14)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">How would we factor such potential equipment as body armor? Should that count?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I think that would be under the model menu where you choose the look of the soldier. Dont know if you in OFp 1 can choose the weight/agillity on the soldier model. If not it could be a idea for ofp 2. Also if i remeber right people have complained a little about the lack off posibility to add "extra armor" at different points of the body to simulate body armor, helmets and such. Think its one big hp poll now but im not sure about it.
    Anyways i dont think it should be under the equipment menu since people wearing body armor really dont have less equipment with them. And with that in mind, if you made it under equipment you would have to raise the max weight that again would allow people without to carry even more ammo.

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    This has been suggested before, and I think it&#39;s pretty good.
    How about the ability to turn off waypoints/units/etc. On some maps, things can get very cluttered, especially on large-scale battles, so an option to turn off individual types of... things would be good, IMO
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    Also, if the soldier had too much weight on him, running speed would be slower, and if there was the maximum weight, the soldier could only walk.
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    This ideas are great, I would be really happy if they made it for OFP 2... and I think that it should be weight based only, nothing in the way of one primary and one secondary weapon...

    Then it comes to the problem with space on the unit, I think that it would be good to be able to pick up an extra M16 from a fallen friend and see it on the shoulder of your self, the same with other stuff, you can probibly put a pistol in your backpack, but for bigger things like laws and similar you must have it on your back... and then we are back to the slot system...

    hmm... hard to solve... but I hope that BIS makes it better than in OFP 1 annyway...

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    I would like to see all the shit we&#39;re given for if we go down in enemy territory, a torch, pistol, whistle, and be able to have good SAR and CSAR missions with downed pilots.

    Also a downed pilot usually doesn&#39;t have NVGs when he hits the ground, they are usually assimilated into the aircraft or broken when he ejects.

    Also give us a lot more accessories, like lasers on guns and infrared lasers and spotting devices.

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