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Thread: Commando 1 - 4

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    Arrow Commando 1 - 4

    My first "playable "missions hehe...
    You take a role of an ex-commando.
    My best is Commando 3

    Commando 1

    Commando 2

    Commando 3

    Commando 4

    (Oh,my cutscenes are rubish&#33
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    only had time to play C3.
    1st objective didnt check off, i think its becoz some of the ruskies ran away. u need to give both sides some more waypoints, the east just went prone and didnt move and the west ran in then stopped.
    i went to the snipers and shot them all where they stood. they hardly reacted at all and didnt even fire at me.
    i was able to clear the bridge area from the hill with all the ammo that was up there. the bmps didnt react at all and were easy LAW targets at 400m.
    i think if you give the ai some more AI it will be a good mission .

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    i tried the first one nice easy mission with a little work it could be good. It was great fun going around and shooting with the pistol up in the castle

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