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Thread: British sa80

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    Really good SA80 model + textures I love them nice work quaker it seems very good m8
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    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (ExtracTioN @ Oct. 27 2002,02:19)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Really good SA80 model + textures I love them nice work quaker it seems very good m8[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Well thank you, check out my upcoiming AK pack

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    er, first off i would like to yelp in horror, there are a lot of things wrong with this...having handled lots of SA-80&#39;s (albeit quite a few years ago) those textures are way off, they look like cartoons, and when was the SUSAT ever red? the front er...barrel guard(not sure what the real name is) is way too square, and the SA-80 doesnt have a fore sight like that(i dont think it actually uses any, not sure)...also your soldier is about to get very painfully injured by that brass about to come flying at him as youve got the cocking lever and the open....er &#39;hole&#39; on the wrong side, theres just a lot of things wrong with it it resembles an SA-80 but its very far from the real thing....

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    Evis please stop saying quakers addons are bad the colors are cartoon colors I know most people laugh at you when you say that it has cartoon colors c&#39;mon man the textures and model are superior.
    Quakergamer is doing a great job keep up the good work quaker m8 don&#39;t listen to Evis I think he is drunk
    hey quakergamer your SA80 rocks but it need a landy too

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    quaker don&#39;t listen to evis that the textures are cartoon looking they are really nice textures evis is only on 1 thing right on the red susat

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    er...im being serious, the textures are all wrong, have you ever seen a SA-80 in real life? if you have youll know it doesnt look like that...

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    i just saw over at opflashpoint.org someone spotted that your SA-80, M249 and M82A1 Barret skins are all downloaded CS Skins....

    (name) M82A1BarrettLight50


    (name) AOSA80Susat


    M-249 eigth from the bottom.


    so...not only did you download the skins, you downloaded one that was the wrong colour :/ are the models yours too? or are they the ones that came with the skin?

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    Maybe it&#39;s just me but I spent 5 minutes comparing the models and the do look amaizingly alike...hmm...the textures are the same no doubt.

    Ohh how I hate this

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    Uh oh Quaker...

    You could at least have admitted you were downloading them. No-one would have mind if you did that and credited the author in the readme. Guess you wanted all the credit yourself huh?
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    I have not seem a SA80 in real life the textures can be ripped from CS or maybe not the textures can be wrong not sure about that but 1 thing is truth the textures are not cartoon looking

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