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Thread: Why?

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    Red face

    On the dock landing ship form, I don't get it!!! why is the "post reply button" locked??? This sucks , will it be unlocked?? I whant to mke replies....

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    What is there left to say? It looks awesome, and it's being released this weekend. There just isnt much left to say. Undoubtedly they will open a new thread in Addons & Mods when it is up for download and you can post your thoughts there.


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    Thx. for the info. lol. I have been waiting for this ship for a long time and now, It will be relesed tomarrow!!!!!! Satderady the 12th. I just got a little excited over the form not working.

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    If you'd bothered to look around the forums you would have found out why.

    Next person to make a thread about this until it's actually released gets post restricted.

    I'll be kind and only make it a 12 hour one, I would suggest in future you read the forums before making a post about something.
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