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Thread: SMD_A3_ASSETS - Release

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    SMD_A3_ASSETS - Release

    I am pleased to announce the release of some of the SMD_A3_Assets that I posted about here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...-SMD_A3_Assets

    This project is very much still WIP, however these units and the vehicle are just basic textures/configs and are good to go.

    Pliskin has put together a bunch of great units, and everyone's favorite Magnum PI Hughes 500D.


    Black Ops:

    Digital Black Ops:

    ATACS and Tiger Camo:

    The "Magnum PI Hughes 500D"

    Here are the DL Links:



    SMD_Sahrani_A3 - By NonovUrbizniz
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    Thank you very much for informing us about the releases

    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


    We have also "connected" these pages to your account (NonovUrbizniz) on Armaholic.
    This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

    When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!
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    Public FTP available, just check the Armaholic.com FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    New mod v1.0 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:

    New mod v1.0 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:

    New mod v1.0 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:

    @ CiforDayZServer ;

    Soon you will be able to manage the promo pages of your content on our web platform and publish new content yourself.
    To do so, please hit 'this is me' button on the page while logged in and you will get connected to your work.

    For now you can send new content or releases our way through withsix.wetransfer.com or add your notification at getsatisfaction.withsix.com
    withSIX support team
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