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Thread: Arma 3 Vram usage?

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    Arma 3 Vram usage?

    Arma 3 uses a pretty crazy amount of vram, but how much is required to be able to play at 12k/12k settings?
    6gb? 8gb? 12gb?

    Currently the only commercially available gpu's with 6gb of Vram are the Titan and Sapphire's 7970 VaporX but with new cards on the horizon from AMD and Nvidia I'd like to know what would be the more sensible investment.

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    As in 12000m. view distance & 12000m. object distance?

    For what reason exactly?
    ".... I'm forced to play on 1500 VD on my 3770K 4.4GHz, 16GB ram, GTX670 rig just to get stable 50's with dips to 40...."
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    A blazing cpu would be a better investment for Arma.

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    My 2 GTX 680 4GB never passed 3GB usage, maximum was 2.8-2.9 everything max at 1440P. Unless going multi monitor or 4K resolution I don't think there will be any benefit in Arma 3 having VRAM greater than 3GB.

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    I guess there's currently no rig that could take on arma 3 with 12k/12k, especially with lots of AI calculations going on.
    There are quite some "Arma 3 on ultra/4k" videos out there, but none of them make excessive use of AI.
    Your best bet for the most liquid performance would be to upgrade to a current gen. i7 and overclock it, then upgrade to 16 or 32GB RAM and put arma on a ramdisk for smooth texture loading performance.

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    you need cpu cpu cpu ! 2 gig vram not more more is for nothing ^^ and play you with amd system , you need more cpu - than the physic is than on your cpu and not on your gpu arma can not handle more then 6 gig ram / vram

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    Quote Originally Posted by JgBtl292 View Post
    2 gig vram not more more is for nothing ^^
    this is not true.
    I've seen arma3 use up to 3.7GB vram at times.

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    I've hit 4.8gb once, when fooling about at the highest possible settings, with tons of AI (Basically spammed about 120 inf on each side with about 20 vehicles each at under 500m range from each other) having at it on the Stratis Airfield. Was only getting about 3 frames, as my CPU is only a 3820 - and lightly oc'd at that. I would second the calls for better CPU: When I built my system I cheaped out on the CPU slightly in order to get a Titan SLI setup, which in hindsight, I would have been better off with a 3970 and one Titan.

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    I presume we are discussing video ram? I am also interested in this, since I consider buying a new card and would like to know, whether a GTX 770 with 4GB against 2GB makes a difference.
    With less than 2GB video ram I think you e.g. do not get the option to use ultra texture quality?
    Please vote for:

    1353: Shadows are not anti-aliased correctly.
    This has much more impact on the visual appearance of the game than it may seem. It does not only affect shadows.

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    (I suspect he was talking about something different than us here...

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    VRAM, this game needs minimum 3GB of it. thats for 1080p and up. Having a CF or SLI of 3GB+3GB or 4GB+4GB does not equal 6GB or 8GB of VRAM to Buffer. Its still only 3GB or 4GB. A Titan with 6GB , is the only card out (well real Quadros too) that has a the full 6GB for a Buffer.

    VD/ObjD is more about CPU~ power, but you cant use the CPU power with out the GPU power... Ingame Filters like AA and shadows etc, along with the Display Resolution are GPU and need as much as they need, which in my testing is 3GB~. Now 1600p is a different level, and AMD and Nvidia have different ways/HW to do some cool stuff, that uses all the cool DFR and SASO etc...

    I myself would love a powerfull 6GB card. I have maxed out my 3GB of VRAM at 1400p and would love to have more than I need for 1600p.. Next year or so...

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