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Thread: Getting object by string name

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    Getting object by string name

    I created a vehicle in the mission editor. Knowing the name of that vehicle, how can I get an object handle to it in a script? I've tried:

    call compile "_vehObj = "+objectName";

    but no go. In theory, I guess you could loop through every vehicle in the mission until you find the one that has the right name, but that is extraordinarily inefficient. Any thoughts?


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    well (if I understand the question??) generally you would do this:
    _hdl = [objectName] execVM "someScript";
    [objectName] call someFunction;
    [objectName] spawn {someThing};
    then in the script:
    _object = _this select 0;
    another way is to save the object as a variable:

    _veh = createVehicle ["B_G_Quadbike_01_F", position player, [], 0, "NONE"];
    missionNamespace setVariable ["refString",_veh];//"refString" can be anything you like but try to make it unique so it doesn't get overwritten
    In a script
    _veh = missionNamespace getVariable "refString";
    _veh setDamage 1;
    will return the object reference

    If you create multiple vehicles:
    _vehArr = []
    _vehrefArr = []
    for "_i" from 0 to 9 do {
    _veh = createVehicle ["B_G_Quadbike_01_F", position player, [], 0, "NONE"];
    _ref = format ["quad%1",_i];
    missionNamespace setVariable ["_ref",_veh];
    _vehArr set [count _vehArr,_veh];
    _vehrefArr set [count _vehrefArr,_ref];
    missionNamespace setVariable ["quadVehicles",_vehArr];
    missionNamespace setVariable ["quadVehRefs",_vehrefArr];
    You now have 3 ways of accessing the stored data in another script:
    _vehref = missionNamespace getVariable "quad9"; //the individual vehicles - strings "quad0" - "quad9"
    _vehArr = missionNamespace getVariable "quadVehicles";//array of vehicles _vehArr select 0 to _vehArr select 9;
    _vehrefArr = missionNamespace getVariable "quadVehRefs";//array of reference strings ["quad0" ..."quad9"]
    _my1stVeh = missionNamespace getVariable (_vehrefArr select 0);
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