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Thread: Animations suitables for captured AI?

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    Animations suitables for captured AI?

    I am still working on my capture AI scripts, I am using

    PHP Code:
    unit playMoveNow "AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon"
    To simulate a "hands up" command, it works pretty nicely, but that's the only surrender related animation I found. Now I am trying to do a "handcuff" command. I found InBaseMoves_HandsBehindBack1 which looks good but only works with switchMove and not playMove, so it's not animated, the unit just go from whatever position hes in to hands behind the back instantly. Does anyone knows how to do this handcuff thing but animated?

    A second question, I know A2 has some good surrender animations in the mod SLX_wounds, but I coulnd't find anything like this for A3. What I really wanted is to make the unit walk with the hands behind his back since I will also have a "follow me" command, so I either only allows the "follow me" command when uncuffed or I allow it and the unit hands will magicaly get free while moving.

    Does anyone knows about some animation that could help in moving an unit while "handcuffed"? (or any other related surrender stuff)

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    Dude, the animations available to mission editors are the ones you see in the animations viewer, not a single more.

    Unless someone mods animations in, you can't be helped.

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