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Thread: Question about roadway in o2....

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    I am making an object with a roadway on it i know how to do everything and everything seems correct but Its really weird when i import the object into game and start to test it in Res.

    Its like a freakin random variable sometimes one part of the deck has no roadway and u can just go right through it like butter... then i go back into the editor place the object In a different location and a different section of the object has no roadway Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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    What kind of building are you making? I think you forgt about geometry LOD..
    See this and there "LODs" section. There is, how to make Geometry.

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    i have geometry and plus u cant really use geometry for the top or else u cant walk around. should i make it convex?

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    I don't undersand you..sorry

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    In the geomtry part you can make a component convex hull for it should I

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