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Thread: 2017 - Official Announcement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Benson View Post
    nice one. reminds me of fluttershy's signature a bit though. looks a bit like the head model is caucasian doesn't matter though. great texture
    The sig was not the inspiration, I can promise you that. Its more that m_african is already present (as is a greek, asian etc models). The head is african too, but I pot marked the skin and added the wounds.

    This is the greek model, but I have gone off of this one and want to redo it http://i.imgur.com/FMHJJku.jpg

    On a separate note, why on earth does BI not allow you to link to an off site image greater then 100kb? Makes no sense at all. Its not there bandwidth getting used. Its a pain in the ass having to make your own thumbnails each time.

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    awesome. loving the blood down from the nose and mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knar33 View Post
    Keep in mind that we're not looking at dead, rotting zombies, but instead living humans infected with some unknown virus that causes them to go mad. Although they will look gruesome and bloody after a few years, rotten is not what we're going for.That being said, the skin textures as well as the player clothing and some other assets are merely placeholders to speed up the development process. The main thing Shinkicker was showing in that screenshot is the re-texturing of the civilian clothing the infected is wearing.
    Quote Originally Posted by shinkicker View Post

    Here is the whole gang:

    http://i.imgur.com/yWxMN8G.jpg (356 kB)

    I guess, if they are "living things", then their digestive system somewhat works. This mean, that theirs pants and legs might be more dirty and so on... Also, whether they need drink of water or suffices them what receive from blood?

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    a really nice mod though you should make more zombies clothes ruined and faded

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    The infected pics look really good.
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    That sky looks pretty cool, in the same way that setting fire to your car would look pretty cool. ~RangerPL
    But the battlebus is real and is used by militaries world wide ~CannonousCrash

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    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Hey guys,

    This is an official announcement for a new mod for ArmA 3 titled '2017'. It is a Post-Apocalyptic Extreme Survival Horror game and the main end-goal is that it will be a total-conversion-mod. This will mean we will virtually be replacing all assets in-game to our own custom content

    First thing's first, we want to make this clear... IT WILL NOT BE DAYZ! Not one bit! It will not be tied to our DayZ 2017 counterpart in any way in that it won't play like the DayZ mod. We have designed the mod to be a unique experience from the beginning so we've built it from the ground up. All code is brand new and rigorously organised. This makes finding bugs/ issues really easy as we can identify where to look based on the issue. So error handling will not be a problem.

    2017 is set in a future where the apocalypse has long since past. 2017 was the year the outbreak occurred and has engulfed the globe with an unknown infection. After many years of agony and scrambling for survival across the globe... no one knows what year it is or how long it has been... it doesn't even matter any more. Your role is to survive, from other survivors, the environment, the infected and even... yourself.

    Let's talk about features.

    • Brand new Health, Hunger and Thirst system - If you're well fed and hydrated you will 'slowly' gain back health if you've taken damage. Health, Hunger and Thirst are all monitored separately and are independent from each other.
    • New Infected - These are not Zombies, these are infected humans with some unknown mutagen... This will enable us to be more flexible with the kind of variety that can improve the 'Horror' element. This is reminiscent of 'Resident Evil' where humans can mutate into various things, but ours however will be more grounded in reality in that they will be mainly humanoid. This also enables more possibilities for us with each update to add to the horror. These new infected WILL be a challenge and come in all forms of intelligence and difficulty.
    • Customisation/ Re-worked Models - ArmA 3 has granted us the opportunity to create so much variety with the models we're bringing over into ArmA 3 (these will change in time so they will no longer resemble the models from DayZ 2017) These have been fully reworked to utilise the ArmA 3 engine, physics, animations and skeleton. We have have temporarily made use of the models from DayZ 2017 (modified Icewindo models) and separated different sections to provide various forms of attire. You can mix and match to achieve the hobo/ survivor look you like.
    • Singleplayer/ Co-op Missions - These will serve as the driving force explaining the narrative whose repercussions can be observed in the multiplayer mode. Each mission will be creative, unique and tell a different segment of the 2017 universe. Play alone or co-op with your friends, your choice. Co-op difficulty will be scaled based on player numbers and difficulty selection.
    • New Map - Takes place on Altis and It's HUGE (270km2) and will be 'Heavily' modified to portray a unique world rich with a story down every street. Each vehicle wreck and ruined building adds to the untold story... well, untold until the singleplayer/ co-op mission comes out explaining it .
    • Illness - Well you can get sick... but we're making sure it's realistic and portrayed accurately in-game.
    • Real World Values - Hunger, Thirst, Health, Illnesses will all have a realistic time-frame. This will ensure that you spend more time playing the game and surviving rather than scavenging all the time like in another mod we wont mention for ArmA 2. It also grants more time to find food and water and various ways to treat yourself. This also opens the door to a new level of immersion never seen.
    • Survival - The game has been designed in a way to make you want to survive by working with other players (or alone) and avoiding the infected and other perilous dangers in a much more realistic manner. Hunting, Gathering, Foraging, Fishing, Crafting, Building, other bushcraft skills, EVERYTHING! You might even have to resort to Cannibalism. We want to cover the entire basis of survival. If you want to hide in the forest and survive on your own, you can play like that. If you want to be in the city and be social or fight off the hordes of infected, you can. The sky is the limit with the amount of survival elements we will be implementing.
    • Loot - You will be able to search everywhere in the world to find various items/ tools/ equipment/ weapons etc. at a very rare chance, since this IS based in the future. This will NOT be a main focus as we want to treat this as only an 'element' of the gameplay. We do not want to distract you from the survival horror aspect with the mundane task of loot farming.
    • Multiple Play Styles - The mod has been designed to accommodate a plethora of play styles whilst not ruining it for others. PvP or not, you won't be punished or encouraged to play PvP but you'll want to approach each situation with realistic expectations.
    • Psychology - We will be adding psychological elements to the gameplay. We will not go into too much detail because we want people to experience it first hand .

    So that is the basic overview of what will be in the game and we still have many more things that we will elaborate on in the future. We are looking to start closed alpha testing soon followed by open beta testing the following month, and finally the big release shortly thereafter.

    Website: www.2017mod.com
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/2017mod
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/2017mod

    *Note - Website, Twitter, YouTube and email are still under construction so nothing has been posted/ uploaded etc. but will be soon

    -Project Lead: Lee Elsom (Hellborn)
    -Lead Developer: Deniz Zoeteman (gdscei)
    -Lead Tester: Andrew Byerly (Knar)
    -Developer: Luke Hinds (Shinkicker)
    -Developer: Craig Vander Galien (Dynamic Zombie Sandbox)
    -Developer: Philippe (Genkids)
    -Developer: Jack Carlin (Jarrrk/RazorFlint)
    -Developer: Frederik Burgsm├╝ller (fred)
    -Media: Karwin Leutscher (Media)
    -Concept Artist: Jack Fieldhouse (Fieldmau5)
    Test Team:
    -Tester: Andrew Byerly (Knar)
    -Tester: Mason McDaniel
    -Tester: Jake Cooper

    -Special thanks to Luke (Shinkicker) Hinds for creating the vision in which this game has evolved from and to everyone who is part of the team.
    -Special thanks to Icewindo for helping with integrating the new infected model into ArmA 3 and The Post-Apocalyptic survivor models.
    -Special thanks to NZXSHADOWS for helping with the ShadowVolume LOD for the new models and information regarding the 'Naming Properties' function.
    -Thanks to Shamwill for helping with providing the guidelines for implementing weapons into ArmA 3.
    -Thanks to Kiory with helping with fixing a lot of my issues regarding muzzle-flash on the weapons, proxies, reload animations etc. You are awesome.

    Also, thanks to everyone I have missed incase I forgot anyone.

    Kind Regards,

    Lee Elsom (Hellborn)
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    I am Andrew AKA Knar, and I am the lead tester for 2017.

    Within the following week or two we will be starting our closed alpha testing phase of the mod. Anyone interested in helping us test the mod can Private Message me with a bit about yourself, and your Skype username if you have one. I am looking for testers that can commit to helping us iron out any issues with the game, test every feature, and generally try to break the game so the developers can fix it.

    I am really excited about this mod, and you all should be too

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    Will we be able to create our own missions in the editor using props and units from the mod?

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    I really really hope so so we can have fun creating our own scenarios.

    Regarding the issue of publishing missions I can understand that you may not want people doing this but as long as we don't publish and just fool around on editor and LAN that should be ok?

    [EDIT] technically you should be able to as its a full conversion mod...?
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