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Thread: Modular Construction Mod by NerdMod

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    Talking iBuild (Modular Construction Mod) by NerdMod

    Developed by NerdMod. iBuild aims to bring smart, easy, and intuitive construction mechanics to the ArmA series. Based on a modular system, iBuild allows precision construction with it’s intelligent grid based snapping mechanic, and user friendly UI, controls, and modular design.
    iBuild is not designated or designed to replace any other construction mechanic currently available in some ArmA servers/mods, nor does itever intend to. iBuild is a complete standalone mod that will be made available to the splendid ArmA community 100% FREE.

    Official iBuild Mod Website
    Official ModDb Page
    Official Facebook Page
    Official YouTube Channel
    Official NerdMod Dev Blog

    Key Development Points:
    ● I'm more experienced at being an ideas man than anything else.
    ● Coding is my main area of knowledge and spans back to ArmA 2. No public releases though and around 6 months of coding time.
    ● 3D Modelling, texturing, and importing are my weak points at this moment in time. I only have around 2-3 weeks worth of knowledge and experience in this area.
    ● I am a little OCD when it comes to developing things so a lot is due to change and be added.
    ● I have many ideas rush through my head constantly that I sometimes forget about. Only when someone ask's a question does it spring to mind.

    Constructive criticism and feedback is encouraged and appreciated.
    Thanks again for all your kind comments and feedback!
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    What the fuck is that ?


    The global design (wooden cabin) perfectly match the general Stratis environnement in my opinion.
    The idea is really great, since each cabin will be unique, you will never know the building before entering it.
    But you have to make sure people and AI can move smoothly across the building.

    And if you add more materials (concrete, brick,...) it would probably be one of the best mod in my opinion.

    Great work !
    The A Team Captain & Server Manager

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    Make sure you have Ai path in model

    Hope to see you around for completion ,there has been many like this befoe but most have gon on to work for Bis or other 3rd party contributors . I think of MXXpxx ,Silola,Mondkab ,Giaia etc etc , all great people but too busy to support there od mods ,cant grumbe though would be selfish.

    Great project i wish you best of luck .

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    Super work!

    Looking forward to see development. Just shout if you need beta tester

    Keep up the good work


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    Master Gunnery Sergeant zooloo75's Avatar
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    This is AWESOME! I will be keeping an eye out on the progress!!

    Expand the spoiler to learn the secret of life.

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    This is going to revolutionize the way we play missions such as using the MSO framework but other stuff such as Wasteland, Life RP's, etc.

    Amazing work mate!

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    WTF! =)

    this is going to be a revolution - i just began about dreaming, what this could do for my CTI-Mission o.O
    VERY NICE - keep it up!!!

    thx& best regards!

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    What can i say?
    If this can be evolved with ability to save constructions for MP/SP use or/and the collection of objects grows up..
    this might be 1 of the greatest mods for A3
    I wish you good luck..and i ll stay tuned

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    Astonishing work. Please keep up this progress, this could turn ArmA3 Survival Mods (Like ArmA3 DayZ or even Wasteland) into a totally different gaming experience.

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    just wow
    I'm never wrong. I once thought I was wrong, turns out, I was mistaken.

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