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Thread: Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by daze23 View Post
    thanks man!

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    I loved the stream guys!

    There was a lot of really good/informative info, and some great "teases" of future content!

    The only question you didn't answer for me personally was : Will we get the ability to "Parachute" in the BETA, or have to wait for the full game?

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    Great Live Stream Guys cant wait for the next One. DID I hear A hint to Gear Load-out IN the editor!!!!!!!!!!!!. AS for Ash712I did see a Cargo Parachute in the Green Air Class. I know that's what u r not looking for but the personal chute might also be there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgt_Savage2003 View Post
    DID I hear A hint to Gear Load-out IN the editor!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    that's what I was thinking when I heard the comment about the 'equipment tab'

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    This is my favourite part of today's vid

    My hope is
    it'll be something like this IG

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    For the people who missed the stream/don't want to rewatch it:

    Things that will be included in the beta (more to come):

    • 3D scopes
    • Strider (MRAP similar to Ifrit)
    • HEMTT (Truck)
    • Comanche
    • Zafir (future version of the pkm)
    • AA Launcher "Titan" (Uses Javlin sighs)
    • Green Faction (Greek Army)
    • Mi48
    • FN2000
    • New lighting
    • SDV underwater vehicle (the mini-submarine)

    Things that might be added later to the beta:

    • Altis (developer build)
    • Stream-friendly UI
    • Steamworkshop integration

    Things not included in the beta:

    • Static AA/AT
    • MBT's (Main Battle Tanks)
    • Java support (might be added later)

    Other usefull things to know:

    • Q3 2013 is still the aimed release date for ArmA 3
    • Beta will be release a few weeks after E3
    • Beta content will be first released on the Developer build of the Alpha

    Let me know, if something is wrong on this list/ if I forgot stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by daze23 View Post
    Confused - this takes me to two minutes of a sniper standing around

    Is there a direct link for download or to rewatch? Also, are they meaning real 3d scopes or the effect that we have now?

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    NVM -link working now
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    Awsome Live Stream, think it well considering the spam in chat intefering with logit questions for the devs. love the new heli an gotta get my hands on that new mg 8) Also the 3d scopes are they goin to be able to swap 3d scopes between various weapon class ie 3d scope to mg class/sniper class weapon? Also is it possible to replay the live stream as I had to leave mid way in.
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    Well, i loved theese 3D Scopes and the Anti-Livestream Option.

    But will the server - browser be improved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElPresidente View Post
    Things not included in the beta:

    • MBT's (Main Battle Tanks)
    I'm pretty sure Jay stated in the chat, that tracked vehicles will appear later in the beta.

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