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Thread: FHQ Accessories pack

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    FHQ Accessories pack

    I just released the first version of the FHQ Accessories pack on our homepage. The FHQ Accessories pack is a package of several real-world attachments like the AN/PEQ-15 laser pointer, ACOG scope, and other similar things. It is required for the version 1.4 of the FHQ M4 weapon pack.
    There are two reasons for distributing this separately instead of with the M4's:
    1. All future FHQ Weapon packs will make use of this (where applicable)
    2. Modders can use the attachments for their own weapons without having to rely on the M4 pack.

    All attachments have working collimator sights functioning like their real-world (and Arma 3) counterparts (where applicable). Currently, these do not work on the standard weapons; I might add an extra config for that later.

    UPDATE: new version released. Current Version: 1.5

    V1.5 changes:
    • Animated magnifiers. Requires the MRT Accessory Functions addon
    • LLM-01 can toggle between flashlight and laser
    • New Aimpoint 3X magnifier, mounted behind the CompM4 and MicroCCO optics
    • Some texture and material reworks
    • Attempts to make some of the reticles more usable and reduce some tunnel effects
    • Proper inertia values assigned

    With the MRT Accessory Functions addon loaded, the G33 and Amipoint magnifier will "work" as expected, i.e. tilt to the side. All magnifiers are now 3D scopes.

    : When updating from 1.2, make sure to delete the bonus pbo that was contained in 1.2, it is no longer needed and in fact will cause trouble. Also make sure that if you are using the MRT_FHQ_LLMAccFnc.pbo from the MRT Accessory Functions addon, to remove that one since it will interfere.

    Older changes

    Play WithSix
    Steam Workshop

    For more information and class names refer to the included README.pdf

    Using the accessories on your own weapons:
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    *awesome* models! I like them a lot and they look very pretty I think! (even though you write on your homepage that they are old and and not good anymore ;-)

    They look really top quality!

    Thanks for the release!

    keep up the good work.
    Desert Tigerstripe Units
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    Quote Originally Posted by All3n View Post
    how about some previews?
    There you go:

    (click for larger, units are Sabre's USArmy/USMC retex)

    From left to right:
    G33 Scope with LLM-01
    TWS-2050 with AN/PEQ-15
    ACOG with AN/PEQ-15

    Quote Originally Posted by rpr View Post
    *awesome* models! I like them a lot and they look very pretty I think! (even though you write on your homepage that they are old and and not good anymore ;-)

    They look really top quality!

    Thanks for the release!

    keep up the good work.
    You're welcome

    I do think especially the Eotech could use a few more polygons. It is one of my first models, and as such, I committed the cardinal sin of not spending enough polygons on the part of the weapon that is directly in front of the viewers eyes. One thing I learned is that if you want to save some polygons, don't do it there because these items will be in the focus of the user for most of the time, and pretty close up as well. You will notice the Aimpoint has a lot more polygons for this specific reason.

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    Thank you so much for the pack! How thoughtful of you to have provided instructions on extending compatibility with others' custom weapons. I already applied all those attachments to the mp7 and they all sit perfectly on the rails (ill be releasing an update later today). The aimpoint is great!
    2 suggestions:
    - the eotech indeed is slightly lower quality than others.
    - is it possible to eliminate the zoom on eotech (have that set to the same value as aimpoint) and have zoom only when the magnifying optic is engaged?
    1 request:
    -microCCO pretty please?

    Thank you for sharing your work!

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    Nice, will be giving these a shot after work.
    Pretty quick turnaround after solving your alpha problem, good job.

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    Nice job Al.
    The more optics we get the marrier ^^

    game over.

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    @Alwarren this is a great idea . I will look at using this for my G3 rifles pack

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    It's a great job, this pack is now my first reason to love the M4

    But I was thinking about 2 things :

    - It is possible to make a reflection on the G33 Scope like this on this screenshot ( with bad weather, the actual texture is really strange )

    - Why don't make an Holographic sight without the G33 Scope ? That fix the alignement problem of the original Holographic on M4 and propose the black color in same time.

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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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