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Thread: Kiory's random hat madness!

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    Kiory's random hat madness!

    All hat's contain the original diffuse textures and source files, go nuts!

    Warm Hat

    Capital, like a sir!

    Yarrrgh! I'ma steal yer boat!

    "Am I a pretty girl? "

    Tacticool Santa Hat

    Spinning Hat (warning: doesn't let you fly, yet!)

    I'd actually like to know if it's possibl to get this thing damn spinner to rotate inside the model config, it contains remnant code from my attempts, but I've given up, spent way too much time on it. It's a shame as Scooby has prepared a lovely little flying script for it... Wouldn't seem right if I can't get it to spin though.

    You ain't seen cool like this before!

    Consolidated all files into one rar, @Kiory contains the PBO's, Source files contain everything else.

    Added the new Capital hat.

    :Update 2:
    Added the new Pirate hat

    :Update 3:
    Added Spongebob's Number 1 hat

    :Update 4:
    Added Tacticool Santa Hat (Took way longer than I'd like, was playing around with different techniques for the fur.)

    :Update 2 Million:
    Added Spinning Hat (which doesn't spin, yet)

    :Update Twenty past:
    Added the Afro hat
    Last edited by Kiory; Apr 19 2013 at 03:40.

    Follow me on twitch to watch me make stuff!

    Tank/x (simulations) are currently unable to use drivingWheel source for animations (for either a wheel or sticks, depending on the the tank), please upvote this issue here:

    Requestion bolt action on a config level

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    Awesome !! Love it Kiory !

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    Well at least it will make sense when I eat a grenade round and live like nothing happened lol

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    COOKIE!!! NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM........ are you only making the one?

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    I didn't plan to make this one to be honest mate, I was just giggling to myself when I read the conversation on that thread, had to be done.

    However, if you can find me some reference for different types, I'll probably whip out a few more today. I have no idea what they are called see.

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    grobi is the best!
    system specs:

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    Don´t know how we could life without this. Thanks for sharing.
    It's a relief to know that the Sesamstraße still exist in 2035

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    does it come in multicam too?

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    just what I wanted too long
    and I know what a headgear will be wearing my VIP in next mission)))

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    Essential equipment !

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